Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette!

I recently watched a video on youtube, a haul particularly and this was in the haul, it just caught my eye and I was all over it, and needed it right now. However I did not know the flushed palette was now in three different and NEW shades, might I say beautiful. So, I was in Ulta today and honestly it took me about 30 minutes to decide which colour selection I liked the best and would look best on me because honestly they are all too beautiful. The colour I went with is Native, which includes a cotton candy like pink, a beautiful light pink champagne toned highlighter, and a very very slight shimmered bronzer, which looks as though it could be orange but does not look orange with a light hand, of course you can build up the colour to your liking, but don’t over do it girls! Also this palette is GREAT for travelling, so you don’t need to bring all your blushed and bronzers and highlighters, so I think this product is going to be a great addition into my beauty collection and maybe even to yours as well. 
you can get this product at Ulta, Sephora or UrbanDecay.com

A little Kate Spade to brighten your day

My recent obsession with frozen yogurt has been wonderful since it’s summer and all, but what I’m really loving right now is this bag! It’s from Kate spade and I got it at an outlet for around $100!! Might I add this bad was originally over $295! Such a good deal! Plus the inside of the bag is what sold me, if you want to see the rest of the bag please continue onto my latest video on YouTube.com/glitterintheair20 I just did and updated what’s in my purse and can’t wait for you all to see what I carry with me! I really hope you all enjoy it and have a wonderful day!! 

Sweet summer sun!

Oh sweet summertime! 
My bathing suit is from target, shoes are again Tory Burch from Nordstrom, sunglasses are Ralph Lauren style #RA176, black floppy hat which I’ve been LOVING so much lately is from target! Oh and of course starbucks in hand!  Ladies remember to put on that sunscreen, we don’t want damaged skin now do we? Mine is the Hawaiian tropix shimmer one I believe! 

A Grad In nostalgia. 🎓

Today was my last day of high school ever and it’s really really bittersweet for me. I was never really the person who LOVED high school I honestly hated it while attending, the only thing that got me through it was the drama program at my school, I did every musical and play, and that’s what made my high school career more amazing than I thought possible even though I hated it. I met some of the best people when we all became part of a cast for every show. We were a family and it’s going to be very hard leaving them behind, they got me through a lot. Looking back now on it, I really had a great four years even though I thought otherwise. I guess what they do say is true these four years are the most important years and to live it well. I love to do lots of things whether it be dancing in front of a mirror with my toe shoes or singing on a stage to a huge engaging crowd or playing my guitar for hours on end, I became really fascinated by the fashion/beauty world and find it really captivating and I really realized what I love and that’s again lots if things, who says you have to pick one! Taking the Fashion Marketing/managing class that I did this past year really taught me a lot about myself and a lot about great things about fashion, and I do really love it all and want to be right In the middle of it all. I could go on for hours about my passions but we will save that for another day. Some day I hope my words change peoples lives even if it may be a few. ❤️ 

Outfit of the day; June 4th, 3014

My hat is from Target, neon coral peplum top is from American Eagle, scalloped black high waisted shorts are from PAC Sun, shoes from Nordstrom;they are Tory Burch, and my necklace is from Target as well! Oh! My sunglasses are from Juicy Couture a long long time ago!!💕 I love love love taking fun pictures in the summer, so you’ll be seeing lots of pictures from me!!