Brooke Shields By MAC

So, It’s no secret anymore that I work at MAC and am just a little obsessed with their makeup. I seriously have been buying things from there like crazy, but since I have to wear it all the time, why not right! Anyway, the Brooke Shields by MAC just released online last Thursday and it’s in stores on October 2nd. I woke up SUPER early that morning and was like OMG MUST ORDER NOW! So, I ordered it right away and by like noon this palette was SOLD OUT! Crazy right! Well, I just got it in the mail this afternoon, and already tried it out. It’s 15 cool toned shades and It is amazing you guys. These colours are permanent already but it’s the only chance to get them all in one palette. I’m so excited to experiment with the colours as some of them are different from what I usually wear, but I’m trying to branch out from my comfort zone and this is the perfect way to do it! Once your store gets them in I would definitely go pick yourself up one, because let me tell you, they’re gonna go fast!!
Let me know if you want me to post some different looks with these colours.
This palette retails for $85.00 Which is cheaper then the other 15 pan eyeshadow palettes that mac has on their website.
The colours from left to right, top to bottom are.
Pretty, Soft Brown, Expensive Pink, clove, Satin Taupe, Canter, Luscious, Antiqued, Psyche, Carbon, Shroom, Persuade, Plummed, Loftly and Pepper.

Rainy Day In J.Crew

JACKET: J.Crew(Downtown Field Jacket) 
JEANS: American Eagle 
TANK TOP: Target 
NECKLACE: Stella & Dot 
BAG: Marc Jacobs 
SHOES: Target 
WATCH: Michael Kors 
Mac Studio Sculpt NW20
Pro Longwear Concealer NW20 And NC15
Prep&Prime Translucent loose Powder
Fix Plus
Mac Cream Color base (Tint) 
Mac Blush in Mocha 
Mac Paint Pot in Painterly 
Mac Paint Pot in Vintage Selection 
Lorac Unzipped eyeshadow palette 
Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner 
Mac Studio Sculpt Lash Mascara and 34 Lashes 
Benefits Gimme Brow 
Mac Proenza Schouler Lipstick in woodrose
Mac Lipglass in Oyster Girl 

The Girl Under The Hat

DRESS: Abercrombie (Similar)
SHOES: Target 
CARDIGAN: Abercrombie 
HAT: Target 
NECKLACE: Kate Spade
WATCH: Michael Kors Gold Darci 
BAG: Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo 
I LOVE Hats, if you couldn’t tell already. I think they just add an extra Oomf to an outfit, They’re so fun! Oh, especially when you’re having a bad hair day, perfect fix! Also these boots have been my favourite thing to wear on my feet recently. I love having just a little heel to my shoes, I couldn’t quite explain why, but it just makes me feel professional I guess. Plus, I’m very short, so they add much needed length to my legs. This dress I found at an outlet mall at Abercrombie and have been wearing it to death! It’s navy blue and has a lace overlay, just so comfy and effortless. I love simplicity and I read something recently that said before you leave the house take off an accessory or a piece of jewellery. I think this is such a good thing to go by, cause sometimes you just put too many accessories on and it can just look a mess. The little things like daintjewellery or just a watch can add that perfect touch. It’s not too much, it’s just right. 

Dressing For Autumn

DRESS: Target
BOOTS: Target
NECKACE: Stella & Dot
HAT: Target
BAG: Piperlime (Marc Jacobs Classic Q Fran)
Can you guys tell that I’m obsessed with Target…. yeah! Target just has the best stuff, This dress is basically a T-shirt dress, SO comfy!
Also The necklace as I said it from Stella & Dot, I love their jewellery so much! It’s such good quality and so versatile.

MAC Lipstick Collection

 In honour of this post, I thought I would finally let you guys know…(DRUMROLL)
you guys I’m so excited I start in October, and I really just can’t wait. When I first started getting into makeup, MAC was the first makeup company that I tried, I bought lip glosses like no other.. Then my obsession grew to this. I have I think 32 MAC lipsticks, But honestly they are the best, the ultimate best. They have any colour you could possibly want. It’s actually really crazy when you go through your lipsticks, I didn’t realize the ones I had that I hadn’t used in a while, but of course I do have my favourites and I’m here to show you all 32 of them today. They’re all faves, even if I don’t use them everyday. 
 First up, We have the NUDES! I have an odd variety of them, I don’t think any of them are quite like each other. In order from left to right, we have… Please me, Creme Cup, Hue, Kinda Sexy, Shy girl, Myth, Woodrose, Blankety, and Faux. 
 My favorites from the nudes, would be Woodrose from the Proenza Schouler collection and Myth. 
 Oooohh, Next up we have PINKS! Which I didn’t think I had this many pinks as I don’t typically wear pinks all the time, But from left to right we have, Snob, Angel, Hot gossip, Syrup, Twig, Lame, Pink Nouveau, Insanely It, Impassioned(Two of) and Girl About Town. 
 My favourites from the Pinks would be.. Since I have two of it, Impassioned, Syrup and Girl About Town. Syrup is such a nice your lips but better colour, it really just enhances your more neutral look, or even wearing it with a brown smokey-ish eye!
 My FAVORITES! The Reds. We have again from left to right, All Fired Up, MAC Red, Ruby Woo, True Loves Kiss(Maleficent), Hang Up and Diva. I wear Red lipstick more than anything else and especially come fall like every other day! WOOT WOOT!
 Recently I have been LOVING Diva. Now I didn’t think I would go for a colour like this but I have been loving the darker reds, It’s not as dark as you think it may be, but it just looks really flattering on the lips. OH and also It makes your teeth look really white. Honestly it’s like the perfect Red, Burgundy shade! 
 Lastly we have the corals. Now as you can see I don’t have many corals. That is because they have to be just right for me, because I really don’t like wearing orange lipstick. It has to be pinky coral, which on the lips these are! We have Costa Chic, Lip Blossum and Crosswires. 
My have would be Lip Blossum, It’s jus such a pretty somewhat sparkly colour on the lips. I would say for coral-ish shades it’s your lips but better! My mom loves wearing cross wires, but only when she’s wearing a coral dress. Haha. 

I hope you all enjoy this, as I did sorting through them. It gave me quite a perspective of how many I actually have! But it’s not stopping me from getting more. Oopss. I can’t wait to share this journey coming soon with you all, working at MAC will be a dream! 
Much Love!
Xoxo ❤ 


Autumn is quickly approaching, and is quite possibly my favourite time of year. I love when the leaves start changing, the air starts to become crisp, candles become a must, coffee is that much more wonderful, the pumpkin spice craze sets out in stores, we get to wear boots, scarves, sweaters, cozy jackets, hats, (I’m most excited to wear my disco pants from american apparel, Hehe :p) Cuddling up with our favourite books (Harry Potter) We get to carve pumpkins and decorate in hues of orange, yellow, red and brown. Oh and of course I watch Halloweentown and Hocus Pocus to death. It just never gets old. If you follow me on Tumblr as well, you may have seen my constant blogging of pictures that fully depict the feeling of fall for me and I love every minute of it. Fall just has that warm cozy feeling that I love so much. I can’t wait to show my fall fashion to you all, there will be LOADS of posts believe me. Right now it’s 8:27 AM and I’m looking out our picture window.. The leaves are starting to turn yellow, the happiest time of year is starting. Here are just a few photos that will make you that much more excited for fall, I do not own these photos they’re from Tumblr, I just want to get you guys excited and happy:)

Lucy B’s Apothecary!

 Look at this packaging you guys… Isn’t it just absolutely adorable!! I find myself a sucker for cute, pretty packaging, but if the product is just as great as the packaging then I’m sold. Lucy B’s Apothecary is absolutely wonderful It is an organic Australian cosmetics line. She has a line of perfumes, body butter, body scrub, rollerballs, lip glosses, lip balms, mineral eye silk, cheek rouge blush, and organic bronzing shimmer. Her products are also not tested on animals, and they are made in the USA.

 These lipglosses smell like cupcakes! WONDERFUL! The pigmentation is great as well, these two are called Pink Bikini, and Nudie. I really love the fact that on the packaging it says I am blissful, and on the bottles as well it says I am beautiful, I just love that, it’s really nice.

 There are more colours in the lip glosses which are, Ruby red, Cocoa Berry, and Beatnik!

 Their line of fragrances includes, Australian Pink Frangipani, Royal Egyptian Amber Honeysuckle, Australian Wild Jasmine, Tiare Coconut, Tropical Gardenia, Royal Green Fig & Vanilla Woods, Royal Peony Rose&Mandarin Musk, Royal Water Lotus & Vanilla Musk.

This cute little rollerball is White Jasmine, which is by far my absolute favourite from the collection. I’m absolute rubbish at explaining fragrances, but hers aren’t overpowering like some can be, they are just nice and subtle but you can smell them on yourself all day, which I think is very important. Rollerballs are nice cause then you can just throw them into your purse and you’re good to go!

Body Butter: $29.00
Perfume: $30
Rollerballs: $19
Lipglosses: $18

Lucy B’s Apothecary