Lucy B’s Apothecary!

 Look at this packaging you guys… Isn’t it just absolutely adorable!! I find myself a sucker for cute, pretty packaging, but if the product is just as great as the packaging then I’m sold. Lucy B’s Apothecary is absolutely wonderful It is an organic Australian cosmetics line. She has a line of perfumes, body butter, body scrub, rollerballs, lip glosses, lip balms, mineral eye silk, cheek rouge blush, and organic bronzing shimmer. Her products are also not tested on animals, and they are made in the USA.

 These lipglosses smell like cupcakes! WONDERFUL! The pigmentation is great as well, these two are called Pink Bikini, and Nudie. I really love the fact that on the packaging it says I am blissful, and on the bottles as well it says I am beautiful, I just love that, it’s really nice.

 There are more colours in the lip glosses which are, Ruby red, Cocoa Berry, and Beatnik!

 Their line of fragrances includes, Australian Pink Frangipani, Royal Egyptian Amber Honeysuckle, Australian Wild Jasmine, Tiare Coconut, Tropical Gardenia, Royal Green Fig & Vanilla Woods, Royal Peony Rose&Mandarin Musk, Royal Water Lotus & Vanilla Musk.

This cute little rollerball is White Jasmine, which is by far my absolute favourite from the collection. I’m absolute rubbish at explaining fragrances, but hers aren’t overpowering like some can be, they are just nice and subtle but you can smell them on yourself all day, which I think is very important. Rollerballs are nice cause then you can just throw them into your purse and you’re good to go!

Body Butter: $29.00
Perfume: $30
Rollerballs: $19
Lipglosses: $18

Lucy B’s Apothecary

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