Pike Place Market, Shopping Adventures!

Lol.. I was telling my mom how to take the photo…. -___-

On my Birthday we made a little journey over to Seattle to go shopping and go to Pikes Place, it was a beautiful weekend, Not to mention it was actually sunny in Seattle which if you know Seattle that’s rare, but when it’s sunny it’s beautiful. We mainly went to Nordstrom to shop because I mean Nordstrom has everything and it is after all the ‘Mothership’ Haha. We also went to Lululemon, J.Crew, and Anthropologie. It was an over all amazing weekend. PLUS! The flowers at Pike Place Market are always so beautiful and if you ever go there all the bouquets are only $10.00! 
My cousin also lives on one of the houseboats which was so crazy cool to see! I would love to live on one, they’re so warm and cozy!!!
TOP: Target (Similar) 
JACKET: Hollister (Similar)

Spring Has Sprung


What a fun filled day! In my family we have a TON of birthdays in April including mine! Today we had a little Birthday party for my niece who just turned 5!! Time flies doesn’t it! My mom and I made Princess Anna from Frozen inspired cupcakes and this super yummy Pink Lemonade!
Thank goodness it was actually a beautiful day outside it actually reached up to 80 degrees.. In APRIL! It was crazy! I felt very springy today being able to not wear a jacket and a coral colored top! WOO! For the Pink lemonade we just used the Country Time mix and added sliced oranges, it made it so yummy. Stay tuned for my Birthday adventure post, my birthday has already gone by, but I have lots of lovely photos for you guys:) 
As for my outfit details will be as listed!