American Eagle Everything

Finally a day here where it wasn’t like 104 degrees, which made me happy because I’m getting quite tired of summer clothes haha! I live for fall clothes and sweaters and jackets and boots, so I’m slowly transitioning, Although it’s suppose to get super hot again soon! Anyways for this outfit It is all American Eagle except the shoes and purse! I’ve been loving American Eagle lately so much. It is the only store in my town that has cute clothes that I like, CRAZY RIGHT??!! But I don’t mind I love their clothes and they’re amazing quality. Their jeans are the ONLY jeans besides Nordstrom that actually fit me and are comfortable. Their new jeans, the Denim X are literally amazing, so comfy but so nice looking! Oh, and of course I’m wearing one of my favorite hats that i’ve bought from there, love the feathers on the back! 
These shoes from Target are literally everything right now, they’re so in style and these are super cute and comfy, not to mention not crazy expensive! They also go with everything in my wardrobe because I love brown, so I always have brown purses and pairing them with matching shoes is my fave:) 
As for my purse, which I know, I know is super expensive… I actually bought mine a year ago on Ebay, brand new with tags… and it was way cheaper. I love Marc Jacobs purses, they’re amazing and the leather is probably my favorite leather in a purse. It has that slouchy vibe which I love, because I find structured purses although I do love them all aren’t really that practical in my everyday life. MARC BY MARC All the way! 
PS My hat and tank top are on sale right now…;) 
JACKET: American Eagle (Similar)
SHOES: Target Ps These were on sale in the store when I bought them!
PURSE: Nordstrom Or Search on Ebay 

A Dressy A-fair

So as many of you already know… I LOVE hats, which is why you are here reading The Girl Under The Hat.. Haha This outfit today I kinda did for a dressy evening, if you maybe have a wedding to go to, or an event of some sort! I love to dress up but in the town that I live in… which is very small, there’s not a lot to do to dress up for! I love rompers, they’re so versatile and you can dress them up and dress them down for casual wear. This specific romper is from Target! Which is crazy, it definitely looks like something you could find at Nordstrom and it was only $29! These shoes I AM IN LOVE WITH. They are from Nordstrom and they are Vince Camuto, super comfortable and they go with everything, even jeans! 
As for my hats, the black hat was my very first ever hat purchase, which started it all. This hat is also from Target and it reminds me of something Audrey Hepburn would wear. It also shades your face from the sun a TON, which is what all of you should be doing! My second hat is from Abercombie and this is like my go to hat, it goes with everything, and it makes any outfit super chic and fab looking, I love it! 
My first lip color is YSL #32 lipstick and my second one is MAC Viva Glam III.. LOVE! 
ROMPER: Target (Similar)
SHOES: Nordstrom (Similar) 
HAT: Target (Similar) 
OTHER HAT: Abercrombie 

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Here are some of my top picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. 
I love fall so that’s all i’m thinking about right now shopping wise, and these picks just scream fall to me! OH and they’re all such great deals! All you have to do is click on the picture and it’ll take you straight to the item! Purses and bags are my weakness which is why I chose so many because I think they have the best deals, especially the Marc By Marc bag, SO GOOD!
If you guys would like to see outfits styled with any of these items or similar let me know! The shopping addiction is real! 
The MAC product is honestly so great because they don’t sell these at normal MAC stores or even in MAC in Macy’s so this is a great product and good price for the value! 

While I was typing this post I put all the pictures Side by side in the middle and now I can only get them to go to the outside, so working on fixing that, Hope you enjoy in the meantime:) 


Spencer Hastings Inspiration

So, I love Pretty Little Liars and Spencer Hastings is probably my favorite… I love them all but her style is just so amazing. I was very inspired by her today, she wore a shirt like this in an episode I think in season 3 or 4! But she wore it with high waisted pants.. It was definitely to hot here to wear pants so I opted for these super comfy shorts that are crotched. I also noticed she pairs a lot of brown with denim too, LOVE IT! Let me know if you would like to see me style outfits from PLL of each of the girls! Send me pics of the ones you would like to see the most! The only thing I couldn’t find at all, and I can’t believe it is this shirt! I know it’s old, it’s from Pac Sun but I literally cannot find anything similar, so what I am going to suggest if you want this same look is to buy just any denim shirt and cut out the shoulders! 🙂 
TOP: Pac Sun (Old)
SHORTS: Topshop 
SHOES: Target
NECKLACE: Stella & Dot

Pineapple’s and Patterns

In today’s post I am featuring a pineapple! BUT there’s a smoothie in the pineapple and it’s amazing!!!! We have a Vitamix from Costco and it is literally the BEST Blender ever. All we put in the smoothie is frozen blueberries, a banana, Of course some pineapple, a few peaches, and an orange, and then we blend it up and it’s AMAZING!!!! Super healthy and you are getting tons of fruit! I put it in the pineapple to drink and it just made it even more yummy, So much flavor! 
As for what I’m wearing… I”m wearing a dress from Abercrombie, Necklace is from Stella & Dot, and my shoes are ancient from Forever 21.. Haha I found them in the back of my closet and I have never even really wore them! Right now at Abercrombie they’re doing 20% off your entire purchase!! 
DRESS: Abercrombie (Similar) 
SHOES: Forever 21 (Similar)
NECKLACE: Stella & Dot (Similar) Or (Similar)

4th Of July Outfits!



PLAID SHIRT: Old (Similar) 
SHORTS: Urban Outfitters (Similar) 
SHOES: American Eagle (Similar)
NECKLACE: Stella & Dot 
TOP: Pac Sun
SHOES: Nordstrom (Similar)
BRACALET: Kate Spade
SKIRT: Target (Similar) 
SHOES: Nordstrom 

 I hope you guys enjoyed this post and find it helpful! The Fourth of July is one of my favorite Holidays because it’s always just so fun and it’s hot outside, you can BBQ and swim and be around family and friends… it’s just great! I wanna see all your recreations of these outfits too! Post your recreation using #4thofJulyStyle so I can see them:) I hope you all have a safe and fun 4th Of July!!! Love you all!