The Skirt To Die For

Hey guys, I come to you today to show you this wonderfully amazing skirt that I found shopping online at Abercrombie. I was super stoked to get it in the mail because I was just picturing all the different ways I’m going to wear it, I’m showing you one today! Since I have so much black in my closet(Working at MAC) haha I thought I’d make more use of it when I’m not working as well. I am wearing for a shirt a cropped top from Kohls actually the brand is Elle! I think cropped tops with these type of skirts really suit them well and flatter your body, crop tops are a huge topic for me because I see so much of the crop tops with low rise jeans in the city I live in.. and it just could be worn so much more tastefully and classy. I really hope I’m not the only one who thinks like this haha but it’s so true!!!! Anyways I paired it with my leather vest and some black booties which I LOVE and are so comfy especially comfy for those long days. 

Plaid and Leather

So recently I’ve been shopping a lot at Abercrombie, now I don’t have one where I live, but I’ve been doing lots of online shopping… Of course! I noticed that shirt dresses are super in for fall especially plaid ones! Now I can totally see why, this one is super comfy and Abercrombie has tons of different shirt dresses, I’m going to need to place another order soon and buy more… this time I bought this one and a black one, both are SUPER cute comfy and made really well.. I’m in love! I then paired it with this leather vest which is super versatile and goes with everything, again I’ve been obsessed with leather recently. I think over the knee boots with these types of dresses go really well together, plus these ones are pretty darn wearable, still trying to get that whole Stuart Weitzman look without actually buying them because we all know how expensive they are… ahhhh! They are super gorgeous though! I hope you enjoyed this outfit today, Comment what you would like to see next on my blog!:) 

Fall Day To Night Outfit


 Today I put together one outfit for two different occasions, one you can wear during the day and quickly change to night! Now I LOVE to dress up but sometimes you just don’t have all that much time, when that happens it’s super easy to just throw some heels on and call it good! I think heels kind of just put together any outfit, they really class it up! In my first look I paired these booties I actually got at TJ Maxx, they are by Madden Girl actually and SUPER comfortable. They have quickly become my favorite little booties AND I can wear them to work which is a plus! I’m also wearing some super comfy jeans from American Eagle and blouse I got at Pac Sun years ago but you could find lots of similar ones a Nordstrom and actually target! Then of course I’ve got to have my hat, this one is just from Target and we all know how much I love my hats especially now that it’s fall! I have so many ideas of how to wear them too to show you all! Thanks for reading today! 

Leather and Olive

In today’s post I have been loving the olive green trend and especially with this military inspired dress from American Eagle. It fits into my fall wardrobe perfectly and I’m going to be wearing it a ton. I’m showing you a few different ways you could wear it and you could really dress it up if you’d like or dress it down for a more casual look like I did with the denim vest, LOVE! As you can tell I’ve been loving leather, with both this vest and jacket. This vest I’m in love with I actually found it in the back of my moms closet, she hasn’t worn it for YEARS! I was like OMG MINE! haha Anyways it’s from Nordstrom years and years ago the brand is BB Dakota, Super comfy, has lasted for years and literally still looks brand new. HECK YES Nordstrom! My leather jacket that I’ve been loving from Abercrombie is literally my STAPLE piece for fall and winter. I think everyone needs a good leather jacket and everyone has their own fit that they like in leather, some might like it a little oversized and I like min pretty fitted like this one.. You can also kind of mold it to your body.. I know that sounds weird but there are wires in the collar and around the zipper so you can bend it and form it! 
Lastly, My boots that I have also not worn in years, I got them for Christmas years ago when over the knee boots weren’t in style and these were very hard to wear around my town, NOW I can wear them wherever I want to, I’ve learned that if its your style WEAR IT whenever you want, not just because it’s in trend or not. If you like it wear it and you’ll be happy you did! Ps They’re super comfy too!

End Of The Summer Fashion

Hello everybody! I’m so pleased to share these photos with you and outfits of course. These were taken by the wonderful photographer from my hometown, her name is Kristin Calhoun Davie HERE is the link to her Facebook page, go check it out. Literally she does amazing photos!! 
It was so much fun, I absolutely love doing photo shoots, especially with lots of different outfits! Let me know if you’d like to see more photos like this. 🙂 
Outfit One
(Sold Out) SKIRT
Outfit Two
DRESS (American Eagle
SHOES (Target)
HAT (American Eagle
NECKLACE (Pier 1) 
DRESS (Target)
HAT (Abercrombie)

Fall Is Coming

When the weather starts getting even a little chilly here I bust out the leather jacket and booties, I just can’t wait. Fall clothes are my FAVORITE and lately I’ve actually been shopping at Abercrombie a lot, they’ve had some really great stuff, Including this Jacket and jeans! 
I fell in love with this jacket a few weeks ago when I tried it on and just HAD to get it, it is literally the perfect leather jacket! These jeans too are high waisted with buttons instead of a zipper and I got them on sale when they do the $39 jeans, they were originally $88! They are very nice jeans and they’re black so I can wear them to work:) 
Now these booties, they are the Sam Edelman Louie bootie and I happen to found them at TJ Maxx, I was like wow I need these right now, they’re never on sale!!! I got them for $79 they are normally $140!!! Been in love with them ever since and you can wear them two ways rolled down or how i’m wearing them! 
I hope you enjoyed this is a pretty casual outfit for me, but we were battling the rain while taking pics! haha