The Little Details

Me in my natural habitat jamming out… haha ^^^

JACKET: Express BODYSUIT: Express JEANS: Topshop BOOTIES: Express (Similar) JEWLERY: Nordstrom Rack BELT: Old (Similar) SUNGLASSES: Quay
Hey guys, so I’m in love with this outfit today, it’s casual yet dressy and there’s so many ways to wear these pieces. I think these are staples you need to have in your wardrobe! This jacket is amazing quality and so comfy, I’m obsessed with it, not to mention the color is absolutely gorgeous! 
As bodysuits are really on trend now, there are so many of them to choose from and they are so easy to throw on with a pair of jeans and your good to go! I think pairing it with any kind of belt just dresses it up a bit more! 
These jeans have become one of my faves to wear because the length of them is perfect for me, they hit right at my ankle, and I love that! I feel like it’s hard for me to find jeans that don’t bunch up at the ankle, cause they always tend to do that on me! I got these on sale at Nordstrom, but topshop has a ton of amazing jeans!!! 

Spring/Summer Makeup

 Hello lovelies, today’s post is a makeup post on the makeup I wore in my last photos! Since I’m a makeup artist after all I need to be doing more of these photos. I just find that every day makeup it is tough to get really good photos of, because lets face it all these photos you’re seeing on Pinterest and Instagram aren’t realistic most of the time. Especially all these “clown contours” and SUPER Intense color correcting. Working for the amazing company I do, I’m here to tell you… You don’t need all of that and there are ways to do color correcting without drawing all over your face and doing it where it’s not needed. I love the artistry behind makeup and how something you feel that day, you can just apply it to your makeup look. I understand all these trends to a certain extent but there are so many more beautiful trends for makeup out there right now that need to be highlighted. 
There is a trend for Spring/Summer that’s been seen on the runway called “Crayon” where you take one color and apply it to one feature of your look and make it really stand out, I did a more subtle take on it today and made it very Monochrome with all the orange and bronze colors which are MY FAVORITE all time colors to work with. 
This look is very easy to recreate as I used two colors for my eye shadow on on the lid and one blended through the crease. All products listed below are from MAC:) 
FOUNDATION: Pro Longwear Water-Proof  I’m NW20
CONCEALER: Pro Longwear 
SHADOW: Woodwinked all over lid wetted with Fix +, Saddle through the crease and under lash line
EYELINER: Blacktrack Fluidline 
LASHES: 48 lashes 
MASCARA: Upward lash 


Hello my lovelies, today I’m back again with a FUN COACHELLA POST! Now if only I could say that I was actually there and having fun there, that’d be ideal! Since I’m not, I’m here today to give you some outfit inspiration, and pretend I’m at Coachella. Hah! I put together three outfits for those who prefer certain ideals at the concert, who want to be more dressy or more casual. There’s tons more I wanna create but for now I have these! 
The first one a dress, is the more dressy option, I absolutely love this dress, it’s from Free People, I love literally anything from Free People! Gorgeous materials, dresses, everything! This dress is perfect for the concert and hot desert because it’s very boho yet very cool and breezy to wear, as well as super comfortable. I paired it with two different shoes to give options. The gladiator like heels are amazing and actually very comfortable, and same with the gladiator sandals! Both are from Target, so they’re super adorable, but they look very expensive!
The Second outfit screams Coachella to me! The romper paired with the kimono both from American Eagle, are amazing options plus super comfy to wear as well as anytime throughout the summer! I also have had these boots from Minnetonka FOREVER! They’re such amazing shoes and I wore them a ton in high school believe it or not! Haha But perfect for an event like this and again super comfy. I also have another option here too, they’re Freebird boots, another awesome choice as well!
AND Lastly, our last outfit which is the most casual out of the three, and super quick and easy to throw on especially if you’re swimming throughout the day as well, you could just throw a one piece on under the shorts and you’d be good to go! Love both of these pieces though the body suit and shorts are from American Eagle, you can also purchase the shoes there as well!  
And the best thing about any outfit for Coachella is to just layer all the jewelry you want to, LOVE IT! Also quick review, if you’ve made it this far! I purchased the Quay sunglasses, and if you’re thinking about it, don’t it’s a waste of $50.00 I bought them cause I thought they were so cute and they feel so cheap, like they’re about to break any second. Plus I’m the person that needs their sunglasses prescriptioned( I wear glasses all the time, really bad eyes) and these just won’t do for that! 
Almost everything I linked is on sale!!!!!! Especially at American Eagle!!! 

My Favorite Pants

                   TOP: NORDSTROM PANTS:ABERCROMBIE SHOES: NORDSTROM HAT: NORDSTROM  (Similar) PURSE: KATE SPADE                              


Hello Lovelies, I hope you guys are having a wonderful Friday so far! It had been such beautiful weather finally where I live and I’m loving diving into all my spring outfits! This one is one of my faves specifically because the pants are my favorite pants of all time, and when I bought them at Abercrombie they were on sale for $9.99 and they don’t sell them anymore! How sad!!! I wish they would bring they back because they were the perfect combination of Legging/pants, they were kind of like J.Crew’s Pixi Pants! IN LOVE! Any who, these shoes are super comfy too, i’m so glad I purchased them, they didn’t even need to be broken it, they’re perfect!! You can get them from Nordstrom or Shopbop! I tried as  hard as I could to find a similar pair of pants, J. Crew would be the only ones, but I hope you enjoyed this outfit, and ya’ll need to tell Abercrombie to bring these pants back!!! Let me know what other outfits you guys would like to see me wear!!:)
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


Time For a Change

JUMPSUIT: Nordstrom(Similar and Here) PURSE: Kate Spade  SHOES: Target SUNGLASSES: Ray-Ban
It’s been way too long since I’ve last posted and I’m here to explain and hope that doesn’t happen again, because I love doing this and I’m very passionate about my blog and fashion but I’m kind of going to change things up a little bit and I hope you don’t mind. I want to share more of my life with you all, I kind of am thinking of staring a vlogging channel on Youtube, let me know what you think!
Lots of things have happened since February, good and bad. 
So If you all know me and I know a lot of you don’t really but I have a HUGE Passion and love for Musical Theatre and it’s been a part of my life since I was a little girl, from dancing classes to singing lessons… I’ve been in a show every year since 2010 and have loved every minute of it. It teaches you so much and you grow with your cast to become a family and let me tell you they are some of the best people I’ve ever met. 
Any who, my all time favorite show is Chicago it’s been my favorite show since I could remember and I found out a local theatre in my town was doing it in October (Is when I found out) and I worked my butt off getting in shape, getting my voice in shape for these auditions which happened in March. I literally went as far as buying the script and taking voice and acting lessons to prepare myself even more. Which I loved every minute of. It kind of gave me a new sense of myself, I guess, of what I’m capable of. It was like day and night I would come home from work and just dance and sing all night.  I was so prepared, I know this show like the back of my hand. I wanted to be casted as Roxie or Velma. Mind you I hate auditions and this was the best I have ever felt about doing auditions. 
A week before auditions, I got sick with a REALLY bad head cold, I did everything I possibly could to get better and I went through three days of auditions sick but I felt I killed it, except singing, but I did the best I could while being sick. This was the hardest week ever. 
A week later, I found out I didn’t get the part. 
I was torn and I felt like a part of me kind of got torn away because this was such a huge part of my life for so long and I was so excited and passionate about it, it’s hard to get over. 
I asked why, why didn’t I get the part? 
They told me, they thought I was phenomenal and fought very hard to get me as a lead. 
But the musical director thought I didn’t listen(only because I was sick and legit couldn’t)
I guess I’m writing this and getting a little bit more personal with you all because it’s been a huge part of my life and I want to share with you what I learned and if any of you are struggling with something similar, it doesn’t even have to do with musical theatre but your job, or other aspects of your life. I want to tell you to not give up even when you feel like what you did wasn’t good enough because you are good enough, your hard work will pay off or it already has and you’re slowly learning from it. Hard work and passion will take you so far in life, never give up. 
I don’t think I’ll ever get over it, it’ll always be there because of my love for that show, but I can say I learned a lot about myself. 
I also cut my hair which is a huge step for me, I’ve worn extensions since 2010. I was in a show based in the 1920’s and had to cut my hair into a bob, and it took forever to grow out, and it finally did.. I stopped wearing extensions in November, they were like a comfort thing so for me to cut my hair is a HUGE step, I feel so great with my hair short and BLONDE?! It’s so different for me but it’s such a good change. 
Thank you all for reading my blog, I appreciate each and every one of you.