Hello my lovelies, today I’m back again with a FUN COACHELLA POST! Now if only I could say that I was actually there and having fun there, that’d be ideal! Since I’m not, I’m here today to give you some outfit inspiration, and pretend I’m at Coachella. Hah! I put together three outfits for those who prefer certain ideals at the concert, who want to be more dressy or more casual. There’s tons more I wanna create but for now I have these! 
The first one a dress, is the more dressy option, I absolutely love this dress, it’s from Free People, I love literally anything from Free People! Gorgeous materials, dresses, everything! This dress is perfect for the concert and hot desert because it’s very boho yet very cool and breezy to wear, as well as super comfortable. I paired it with two different shoes to give options. The gladiator like heels are amazing and actually very comfortable, and same with the gladiator sandals! Both are from Target, so they’re super adorable, but they look very expensive!
The Second outfit screams Coachella to me! The romper paired with the kimono both from American Eagle, are amazing options plus super comfy to wear as well as anytime throughout the summer! I also have had these boots from Minnetonka FOREVER! They’re such amazing shoes and I wore them a ton in high school believe it or not! Haha But perfect for an event like this and again super comfy. I also have another option here too, they’re Freebird boots, another awesome choice as well!
AND Lastly, our last outfit which is the most casual out of the three, and super quick and easy to throw on especially if you’re swimming throughout the day as well, you could just throw a one piece on under the shorts and you’d be good to go! Love both of these pieces though the body suit and shorts are from American Eagle, you can also purchase the shoes there as well!  
And the best thing about any outfit for Coachella is to just layer all the jewelry you want to, LOVE IT! Also quick review, if you’ve made it this far! I purchased the Quay sunglasses, and if you’re thinking about it, don’t it’s a waste of $50.00 I bought them cause I thought they were so cute and they feel so cheap, like they’re about to break any second. Plus I’m the person that needs their sunglasses prescriptioned( I wear glasses all the time, really bad eyes) and these just won’t do for that! 
Almost everything I linked is on sale!!!!!! Especially at American Eagle!!! 

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