Monday Relaxation

 SPORTS BRA: VS Sport PANTS: Lululemon (Similar) SHOES: Nike
Hey guys, How was your weekend?? Relaxing, busy? 
Mine was crazy busy as well as my Monday has been, which is great honestly. I love being busy but sometimes you just need to take an hour or two and just relax and let your brain unwind. There are of course many ways that I love to do that. One is stretching all my muscles out, another is actually dancing, that may not be relaxing to some of you but It makes my body feel so great and refreshed! 
And as a lot of you I’m sure another way I love to relax is to be online shopping on my computer while watching Harry Potter or catching up on Youtube videos. Going into this week, make sure you make time each day to unwind and just relax, it makes your week go so much better. 
I just recently bought this sports bra at VS and it was on sale which was AWESOME!!! They have it in so many colors and I’m obsessed. As well as these pants again, you guys.. these pants are LIFE! I’m sorry that they aren’t on Lulu anymore but I’m sure they will put them back on.. I hope!!! I couldn’t find my black high waisted ones, so I opted for these.. which are my FAVE!:) 
I have some very exciting things in the works for this fall, I can’t say anything yet but I promise when everything is set in stone you guys will know too, I’ve been very busy working towards this awesome thing!!!! Stay tuned…

Awesome Sales

I wanted to share some very important sales going on right now!! This dress is on sale right now guys, I’ve been loving this, it also is in a few other patterns! It’s such a lightweight dress and so easy to just throw on even with sandals! Also on Nordstrom Rack a TON of Dolce Vita shoes are on sale! I’ve grown to LOVE Dolce Vita shoes because they are literally comfortable from the moment you buy them! Another shoe brand that Nordstrom Rack has a ton of are Vince Camuto, He is another one of my fave shoe designers. Especially for work shoes, I have a lot of his shoes in black for working at MAC and they are really comfortable for long days! 

Transitioning Into Fall

TOP: Stitch Fix PANTS: American Eagle SHOES: Dolce Vita PURSE: Marc Jacobs JEWELRY: Stella & Dot
Hello guys! I hope you’re enjoying your week so far!! You all already know I’m dreaming of fall and I just can’t wait, so we’re starting sort of early! I wanna talk about transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall! I always start with pants of course! Where I live it’s crazy hot as I’ve said before and still is till like October, wearing pants today was like dying! lol but anyways I always think army green pants are a great choice for transitioning! This Military trend is super in for fall this year and I love it! I love following certain trends but making them my own, And I’m definitely going to be showing you more soon! I have my eye on a few things from Nordstrom for fall I just can’t decide, I would love it if you all followed me over on Snapchat: @Smilerz22 to help me with things like that as well as keep up to date with me everyday as I’m always on there singing my heart away! Haha 
Something else I wanted to mention was this subscription company called Stitch Fix, I recently signed up for it and it’s the greatest coolest thing ever! You take a style quiz and your stylist curates 5 picks for you for only $25 a month of how often you want them, and you get a percentage off whatever you want to purchase from the box! It’s the bomb, that’s how I got these amazing shoes that I’m obsessed with and this shirt!:) If you’d like to join here is my LINK 

Scarf Obsessed

I’ve been buying a lot of stuff from American Eagle lately, they’ve just had really really cute stuff! I basically got this top to wear to work but I’m gonna wear it otherwise as well because it’s just so cute!  Very Light and airy! These jeans are probably my favorite jeans ever, I apparently got them at some point from American Eagle but I literally do not remember buying them and I found them in my closet one day and I was like omg!!!! Where did these come from!? Am I the only one who ever does that? lol As you can see I’ve been wearing these booties constantly lately! They are just so extremely comfortable! Dolce Vita shoes have been my go to, because none of them have given me blisters or hurt my feet by the end of the day, Ya’ll need to give them a try, they’re bomb!!! 

Personal Style

SHIRT: Old (Similar) JEANS: Topshop SHOES: Target SCARF: American Eagle 
I think you guys can tell how much I’m loving this whole western trend right now. I’m all about it and you guys should be too! I kind of want to talk about personal style today because i’ve come to realize that I don’t have one set style… I literally LOVE everything. In the fall I feel like my outfits become very preppy and classic. Whereas in the summer I’m very boho/chic. I feel like you don’t need to have one set style though and that’s where most people go wrong because they think they can only fit or conform to one thing or trend that looks on them, But there’s so much out there and I think you, yes you reading this should step out of your comfort zone and go try on a totally different outfit. You could find something that you might really love and be like WOW! I encourage you to takes leaps with your personal style and fashion, let it tell a story! If you like one certain trend though that’s awesome too! I’m definitely a comfort zone person and it took a lot for me to step out of my comfort zones and say YES more even with such a simple thing as fashion. I love fashion so much and I love getting to share it all with you! Make your outfit tell a story and leave me photos of your outfit story, would LOVE to see them!:) 

Rompers are everything

I’m in love with rompers this summer, which is awesome cause they are super easy to wear and you look dressed up without too much effort! I also found these amazing booties from Target, I was just snooping online one day and found these and don’t they look like the $200 Jeffrey Campbell boots?? RIGHT?! Literally exactly like them! I will say though they will take some breaking in because they are really stiff and also gave me a blister the first time I wore them! AHH But it’s all good they are broken in now! Beauty is pain you guys! You have to go grab these though if you’ve been looking at the Jeffrey Campbell ones! I’ve been debating until I found these!!!:) 
Have a great week everyone, Ill be back tomorrow:)