Roxie Rocks Chicago

I went in to the store to get a vampire costume because I had a really good idea for makeup… and left with this costume! It was just calling me. As many of you know, I LOVE Chicago, is an understatement. The musical gives me LIFE! I honestly wish I could have lived through the 20’s despite everything bad that happened then, I love and adore all the hair, makeup and fashion. The history back then really intrigues me as well. Most of what we see today in Fashion stems from the 20’s and it’s really fascinating. I really don’t like going as anything scary on Halloween, makeup as well, it literally creeps me out.. Lol! Anyways I’m here just watching Hocus Pocus and sipping on tea, Perfect October evening. 
The Costume is really very simple, I bought everything from the halloween store and this fur cape I actually had in my wardrobe, made for the perfect ‘Stole’
As far as makeup, everything I used is MAC Of course, You always have to make sure you get that deep deep smokey eye going on, they really brought the black color high above their crease back then. They had VERY accentuated brows, but I didn’t go that crazy. They had very intense and pointed cupids bow. Skip out on the bronzer( I just had some on from earlier in the day) and Instead LOTS of blush. 
I adore this costume and I hope you enjoyed this super fun post. I’ll try and post my makeup looks from this weekend for work!:)

Getting Cozy

PONCHO: Target JEANS: Express BOOTS: Nordstrom Rack 
Today I bring you an extra cozy outfit. Who doesn’t love being cozy come fall time?! 
The weather here has been so hit and miss.. one day it will be sunny and then the next it will be cloudy and rainy! So there’s lots of room for tons of different outfits! I found this super cute poncho at Target and it’s like a blanket, although it was kind of a struggle to figure out how to put it together lol Then I just threw on some jeans and one of my fave pair of boots! These are still on sale by the way! Super awesome steal for some expensive boots! 
I’ll catch you guys tomorrow for a very long waited blog post:) 

Denim on Denim

TOP: American Eagle JEANS: Paige Denim BOOTIES: Express HAT: Nordstrom
Denim on Denim today with pops of burnt orange. Absolutely In love with this color combo, perfect fall day outfit. You could totally throw on some heels and go out in this as well. I cannot contain my excitement for this weekend. The huge event that I mentioned a couple blog posts back is HAPPENING THIS SATURDAY! I’ll still be posting this week but probably a little less talking on here! Wish me luck getting everything together this week, I literally can’t wait!! You’ll be seeing a ton of photos on here from this weekend next week! 

Rocker Chic

SHIRT: Express JACKET: Topshop JEANS: Topshop BOOTS: Aldo
Hello everyone, I bring a very casual outfit today. When Im at home just chilling out I love wearing shirts like this versus Victorias Secret Pink loungewear lol although I do have those days too. I just love these kinds of shirts because they’re so comfy and if you need to run out the door real quick you’re kind of put together! I paired this shirt with some over the knee boots and a choker to give it a rocker chic vibe. 
On that note with being “Rocker Chic” I’ve dove into my old iTunes library and found so much old music that I played the crap out of and it made me fall in love with all these old tunes I use to listen to  all over again. It’s crazy how much a song can bring back so many memories, Like you listen to a song so much during a time in your life and then when you listen to it years later… you’re like wow and just feel nostalgic, I love music for that reason but it’s also made me start singing WAY more, I’ve been so busy and haven’t had much time to and now I’m making time for it because it makes me so happy!! My poor guitar too has been so neglected and picking it up again just feels so great. Always make time for the things you love to do, they’re important. Plus that’s actually one way that I like to relax is to sing and play guitar. Tune back in tomorrow for another great fall look! 

Personal Style

JACKET: American Eagle JEANS: American Eagle BOOTS: Nordstrom BODYSUIT: Express CHOKER: American Eagle 
Today I’m going to be talking a little about Personal Style. 
Personal Style to me tells a story, I don’t necessarily define myself to one style, I almost feel like that limits yourself on all the options you have. There are so many different styles and trends out in the fashion world and limiting yourself to just one would be boring. I did that for the longest time, until I stepped out of my comfort zone. I encourage all of you to take a step, wether it be big or small out of your comfort zone and experiment with your style. Today I wore an oversized denim jacket. I’ve wanted to buy one for years but I always thought they looked weird on me or I’m not the denim jacket  “Type” But here today I rocked it and I actually really love the jacket. I apply this “stepping out of your comfort zone” thought to a lot of different aspects of my life lately and it’s only opened brand new doors and new ideas of life. 
I know as comforting as it may be to do or wear the same sort of things, sometimes you just need to jump out a little bit, who knows what you might find or do! 
These boots that I just recently purchased from Nordstrom are an AMAZING dupe for the Stuart Weitzman Lowland boots. As much as everyone wants them, lets be real those are a crazy amount of money. These were $179 and so amazing and comfortable. Vince Camuto boots and shoes are literally my all time favorite brand of shoe. These don’t fall down either, I’ve heard that with many dupes they tend to fall down. 
Thanks for reading today! 


SWEATER: Free People SKIRT: American Eagle(Similar) BOOTS: Express PURSE: TJMAXX
Hello everyone, So as I’ve mentioned in the previous post, I’ve been super busy. 
Right now I’m working on putting together this amazing event that’s actually happening NEXT WEEKEND! For MAC Cosmetics the company that I work for, we have a line of lipsticks called Viva Glam. What it does is, by purchasing one lipstick for the selling price of $17 you are saving and helping countless men, women and children’s lives living with AIDS/HIV this money can give them clothes, food, shelter, help pay for their medicine, it’s really amazing. Now as employee’s it’s our turn to raise money for the fund. I’m having American Idol runner up of season 14 Clark Beckham come all the way from Nashville to perform here at one of our theatre. All ticket sales will be donated and matched by MAC Cosmetics, HOW AMAZING IS THAT!? This money will all go back out to local men, women and children living with and affected by this horrible disease. 
There’s so much I have to do between now and next weekend, but I am so beyond excited. This event is going to be wonderful. Don’t worry I’ll get lots of pictures during the weekend as well! Haha

Express Train

Hey guys, These upcoming blog posts might be shorter than usual, only because I’ve been super busy planning a super crazy cool event I’m Hosting at the end of October, literally almost 2 and a half weeks, so bare with me you guys! I’ll get outfits up but might not talk about them a lot. Just know I’m obsessing over bodysuits right now, they just dress up an outfit that’s so simple, LOVE! 
Plus this whole outfit besides my purse is from Express which is such a great store! It’s wonderful for Fall stuff this season.