Winter Wonderland

SWEATER: Free People JEANS: Free People BOOTS: Vince Camuto SCARF: (similar) Free People
Hello everyone! Sorry this is a tad late, I just haven’t had the time to edit this! 
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and holidays. New Years is right around the corner, which is crazy!! I have a lot of things planned for this new year and I’m ready to just have a wonderful year filled with love and joy and doing the things that I love. 
The Other day I watched Jimmy Fallon and Steve Harvey was on there, he was talking about the book he wrote called “Leap Of Faith” and it really inspired me to honestly take a leap of faith in this new year. There are so many things that I want to be doing that I haven’t had the courage to do and honestly that just made me think that this year is the year. Of course a huge part of my life is Musical Theatre and I feel at my most happiest when doing it, so I hope to be doing a lot with that. I would love to take a trip to New York, and honestly just traveling anywhere is my goal. Spending some time in the UK would be amazing and a few other things that I can’t really talk about yet, are in the works;)
I’m currently just relaxing and taking some me and family time after this holiday season as working it really wears you out, let me tell you. I’m someone who gets tired very easily so it’s much needed:) 
Anyway this outfit is one of my faves!! Also don’t wear suede in the snow, although I couldn’t really avoid it. I found a few things from Free People on sale and I just couldn’t resist!!! These jeans are awesome, never worn free people jeans before and they are GREAT! Also this sweater pairs with it beautifully, Normally a $128 and I got it for $60 These jeans were normally $78 and I got them on sale for $48! 
I’m hoping to take you guys up snowboarding with me this week so bare with me If I can get my camera up there and get some good photos, you’ll see them on the blog! Also If you have any tips on how  to bring your camera up to a snowy mountain while snowboarding and take pics that would be wonderful! 

Snow Day

JACKET: American Eagle DRESS: American Eagle SHOES: Express (Similar)
Hello everyone, Sorry as I’ve been away for a bit, I’ve had multiple technical difficulties and it’s really difficult and freezing to take photos outside right now, as it’s like 14 degrees. The other day I took a ton of photos of outfits and went to upload to my computer and my memory card literally broke in half, I guess there is a way to get the photos and everything off of there but I went to best buy to do so and they said it was going to cost a pretty penny.. i.e…. $700… I about fell over. There is so much on the memory card but, yikes… If any of you have any ideas on how to retrieve everything off without costing me my life, lol that would be wonderful! 
Anyways onto this outfit, I love layering in the winter. There is so much you can do with it and it really adds to an outfit when it’s freezing outside. 
This dress comes in a variety of different colors and is the most comfy and cute dress for winter! The fabric is made out of American Eagle’s ‘soft and sexy’ fabric which really is so nice!! I’ve been putting my snow boots in my car just in case, because we have so far a ton of snow as you can see:)
It’s hard to wear any kind of nice shoe in this weather even though it might go great with your outfit, walking out in this is so dangerous and snow boots are a must here I am not in snow boots but I just threw these on cause I thought they went great with this outfit. 
AHHH AND It’s almost Christmas!!! I actually have all of my Christmas shopping done though, which never happens. I can’t wait to put up some really great Christmas outfits for you all, I have some amazing pieces to show you for great prices! 
*This post was sponsored and in collaboration with American Eagle 

Coziest sweater of all

JEANS: American Eagle SWEATER: American Eagle BOOTS: Express (Similar) BAG: Nordstrom Rack 

Hello everyone, Happy December!!! I can’t believe that it’s already December, that is like crazy!! It’s getting freeing here already and calls for snow next week! YAY! If any of you have any tips for taking pictures inside as well, I would love them because it’s a lot more difficult for them to look good, I might just have the wrong lens or on the wrong setting, but totally let me know!:) 
Today I’m wearing this extremely cozy sweater that definitely will keep you nice and toasty during the 30 degree weather! I love wearing white pants in the winter time, I feel like it brightens everything up despite the crisp grey weather. These jeans are awesome and the hem on them is slightly frayed which I have been loving lately. 
I really didn’t do too much shopping on black Friday or Cyber Monday, as much as I love to shop this usually stresses me out! haha I worked on Black Friday and that was crazy enough for me, I went home and slept all day! Also just wanted to throw this out there if you plan on going to the stores to shop this winter please be kind to all employee’s. Most are usually working tons of hours and or overtime, so I hope you are kind to them as they are to you:) Just a friendly reminder. 
Also American Eagle is doing 40-50% off their greatest gifts, be sure to check that out for some awesome deals, I know these jeans are on sale!!! 
Thank you so much for reading. I’ll be bringing some glitzy glam looks to the blog this coming week as well:)
*This post was sponsored and in collaboration with American Eagle