Western Meest Ballerina Chic

TOP: Anthropologie SKIRT: Anthropologie SHOES: Nordstrom BELT: Target 
How’s everyone’s week going so far on this lovely Wednesday?! 
I’ve been so crazy busy trying to keep up with everything before leaving and moving to Arizona next weekend. There’s so much to do before moving, it’s insane!!! 
Today I fell in love with this beautiful skirt from Anthropologie! I was in their store on my birthday and it was on a mannequin… so beautiful, the pictures don’t do it justice, trust me!!! ALSO if purchasing this skirt, it runs HUGE. This is an XXS on me and I’m a 25W in most pants and it still needs to be taken in on the waist, which is why I paired it with this belt… I think it actually completes the whole entire outfit. LOVING these belts, I honestly pair them with every outfit I’ve been wearing, so I apologize for wearing them so much, but let’s be honest, they’re so in right now so it’s okay! 
I want to be very open with you all on here and talk about life a lot more as I’ve said in one of my previous posts. I feel like I’m a lot better writer than I am a speaker. So here goes it. 
I never want you all reading to think that my life is perfect by the pictures I post, because I promise you it’s not. This goes for real life too…Just because I’m always smiling or seeming to be in a good mood, isn’t always the case. Somedays I am just so excited for life and happy but others I’m anxious and let me tell you it’s so dang annoying. It all started with my breathing issue that I’ve still been having that no Doctor has quite figured out yet. It sucks. I don’t even know how to explain it anymore, but it takes A LOT of energy out of me and it literally brings anxiety not being able to breathe in certain situations. What I’ve experienced going to the doctor over and over and over again and not finding the root of the problem is really tiring and wanting to find the problem and being able to be pro active about it is all I’ve been wanting for a good year and a half now. So if you ever see me and I don’t seem 100% that’s most likely the reason, because I’m generally a very happy person, but not being able to breathe just takes a toll on everything, let me tell you. 
I hope this can maybe make some of you not feel so alone, or that not everything is always what it seems it looks from the outside looking in. 
If Ya’ll want me to go more in depth about this I totally will, but that’s just the gist of what’s going on for now. 

Stripes and Florals

JACKET: Nordstrom ROMPER: Nordstrom SHOES: Nordstrom Rack (similar)
You guys. I’m obsessing over this leather jacket right now, You can literally never have enough leather jackets but this one is one that you NEED in your wardrobe. It also comes in a BEAUTIFUL white color… I might have to splurge and get that one too but after a while! haha 
You know when something just catches your eye while you’re shopping and you have to have it, that was this romper.. It’s so beautiful and you could wear it to soooo many different occasions. I think this would make a beautiful wedding guest outfit as well with some cute nude or black heels! 
I also found these Jeffrey Campbell heels at The Rack which I was like OMG have to have. They are so hard to lace up, but once they are on they are the perfect summer heel. I got the for $69.. I think they were originally like $150!!! 
I hope you all enjoyed my festival looks from last week, If you all want me to do more I would totally love to, it’s becoming a lot more my style too so I LOVE it! 
Thank you all so much for reading:) 

Stripes and Belt Buckles

ROMPER: Urban Outfitters (Similar) BELT: Express SHOES: Jeffrey Campbell 
Today I bring you another installment for Festival attire. 
Rompers make everything so easy, Except going to the bathroom that is! Haha 
I love this one from Urban Outfitters, it’s so comfy and so perfect for this festival season. This belt has gotten so much wear and is so much cheaper than the real version from B-Low the belt. I finally bit the bullet and bought the Jeffrey Campbell booties and they match this purse perfectly. Just beware though, BREAK THEM IN before wearing them for long periods of time. I wore them to Seattle on my bday to do some shopping downtown and got THE WORST blisters. 
I don’t have too much to say today but Happy Easter all. I’ll be moving so soon and I really need to start packing up everything!!! Crazy!!! Please if any of you know some great photographers In Arizona, let me know, as I said in the last post! 

Take me down to Paradise city

TOP: Nordstrom SKIRT: Old (Similar) BOOTS: Nakd Fashion 
Since we’re changing everything else up why not a new design! 
I hope you all enjoy it, please totally let me know if there is anything I can do to improve it for you all:)
HERE WE ARE AGAIN with a new Coachella/music festival inspired outfit. Again you guys this is so much fun I really wish I was actually going to a festival soon. Now this one might be a tad hot with the boots, but you can totally sub out for gladiator sandals, I just feel like these give the outfit an extra edge!! Band tees are one of my fave things to wear honestly, they’re so comfy and they just look so cool.. Also when wearing I would hope people would only wear band tees they actually listen to. Pairing them with a soft lacy skirt like this one just adds the right amount of femininity. If any of you guys reading know of any music festivals in Arizona, since I’m going to be there all summer, it would be wonderful if ya let me know… also any photographers down there that would like to work with me would be great too, because I’m gonna be without a photographer!!! AHHHH 
I also added a little makeup look I did one night for all you festival goers, I would love to see a recreation of this!!! These colors are everything!!! for my eyes I used the MAC Semi sweet x9 palette  the Burgundy shade and the mustard yellow shade.. In love!! I then paired the eyeshadow “Aquadisiac” under my eye, then popped some lashes on from Huda beauty I believe these are “Scarlet” 
On my lips I have the MAC Retro Matte liquid lipstick in “Rich & Restless” 
My cheeks I’ve got a ton of bronzer “Matte Bronze” from MAC with “Refined Golden” bronzer and for highlight I went in with Champagne pop by Becca 
Since I’m talking about Makeup I’ll let you know my fave products for the skin that I use daily. 
Everything is MAC. 
To prep my skin I use Lightful C Vibrancy eye cream, then Studio Moisture Cream to moisturize. 
For Primer I go in with Natural Radiance In Yellow. 
Then spot conceal with Pro Longwear Concealer and go right over top with Pro Longwear Foundation, I do set my under eyes with Laura Mercier Translucent loose powder, then for the whole face I’ve been using Studio Fix Perfecting powder, it’s a very micro fined loose powder… ADDS A FLAWLESS FINISH. 
Hope you all enjoy!! 

A Little Surprise.

TOP: Urban Outfitters (Similar) SKIRT: Brandy Melville (Similar) BELT: Express KIMONO: American Eagle HAT: American Eagle NECKLACE: Topshop 
Life has been all of the crazy lately. I’m really enjoying putting all these festival inspired outfits together of you all, this is probably some of my favorites styles to wear, I LOVE boho. Free people, Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie are my FAVE Stores. 
I have some pretty big news to FINALLY SHARE. 
A few weeks ago I flew to Arizona because I had an Interview with Tom Ford Cosmetics and I also was checking out a school down there. I was in Phoenix and it was just absolutely beautiful there, I fell in love even though I was only there for like 3 days, it was a short and sweet trip. I went in and had the Interview Monday, then they called me back for a second interview on Tuesday. Everything went SO much better than I had anticipated. I have never been so nervous for something in my life, Mind you.. I’m a stage performer and performing in front of hundreds of people doesn’t scare me in the slightest but when It’s one on one WHEW! I almost threw up several times the day before. 
Any who, I flew back home on Wednesday went to work at MAC and then they called me back on Friday to offer me a full time position and to set up another interview with the CHANEL Cosmetic counter. I had that interview last Tuesday and got the job. This is all so new and crazy to me!!! Change has never felt so many feels!! I start in May and will be moving down to Arizona. So if any of you are Fashion Bloggers or photographers I’d really love to meet you and work with some photographers down there:) 
ALSO I’M WRITING THIS ON MY 21ST BIRTHDAY!!! WOO YEAH, The last two pictures were from Seattle today, we drove over for the day to go shopping and celebrate:) 
MAC Is literally my second home. I don’t know where I would be today honestly without it. I’ve learned and grown so much within the company and myself. I’ve gotten to learn about one of the most amazing prestigious brands, All of which I will always hold near and dear in my heart. My skill has only come to life from learning from the best in the business. Working for MAC has taught me so much about life and people. It’s taught me how to be kind and gentle, and even on somedays where I need to be someones therapist sitting in my chair. All these crazy things about life I have learned from working for this company. I’ve gotten to do some really amazing things, go to awesome events, work with amazing artists and people, I held an event for Viva Glam, which really has all shaped me as a person and an artist. Sharing all the ups and downs of life with my co-workers. We literally become not only a team, but a family and I’m blessed to call them all past and present my family. 
Although there has been a lot of talk about MAC as a company. I can 100% say this has been one of the best experiences of my life and leaving is going to be SO Hard, but it’s time to do this for myself and achieve new goals and try new things. I’m really trying to get out of my small town comfort zone and doing this Is going to for sure get me there. I have so many emotions as of right now… as you can  imagine. I’m terrified, excited and overjoyed. 
On this journey, wherever it takes me MAC Is in me forever. 
MAC is Home. 


TOP: Rachel Roy SHORTS: American Eagle SHOES: Jeffrey Campbell BELT: Forever21 NECKLACES: Topshop
WELCOME to the start of my Coachella outfit series!!!! Here I am again this year wishing I was actually going to Coachella but I’m not because I have to work and it’s also crazy expensive!!! lol 
I have so many outfit ideas on what I would be wearing there because who doesn’t love all the festival fashion! I’m going to try my best to give you guys the most affordable fashions, because a lot of what people wear there is crazy expensive. The only thing that might be pushing it a little bit would be my shoes, but that’s because Shoes over everything else! Hah
I love these high rise festival shorts from American Eagle, they are my fave because they aren’t super short, they are just right but for reference I wear usually a 0 or 00 in their jeans depending on the style and fit and in the shorts I always wear a size 2! 
I paired them with this off the shoulder top that I got from Macy’s, love how flowy it is and it just looks beautiful paired with shorts, high rise jeans or even a maxi skirt.
I hope you all enjoy or get inspiration from this series, theres lots more to come:)

Camo and Vintage High Rise

Super casual today, the sun is finally out and it’s warm enough here to be in a tank top!! So loving it. I just got back from Arizona last week and what a world wind it’s been since I left. Who knew so much stuff could happen in one week! I will soon be able to tell you all, I promise!!!! 
I’ve also never worn Camo before and I love this tank top, It’s going to go with so much when it’s hotter outside, I can’t wait. Also same with these jeans, they aren’t totally skinny but aren’t baggy either, It’s like the perfect happy medium. I think pairing camo with brown accents looks so good together, which I’ve got the shoes and the purse, so cute for spring. 
I hope you all are ready for my Coachella looks, I’m working on a ton for you all. Although I’m not going and SO WISH I was but it’s super fun to just put stuff together.. If you guys have any ideas or outfit pairings you’d like to see totally let me know:) 
Not a whole lot to say today, But I hope you enjoy this outfit:)