Living In Kimonos

Living In Kimonos


BODYSUIT: American Eagle SHORTS: American Eagle SHOES: Nordstrom Rack KIMONO: Free PeopleĀ 


WELCOME!!!! I hope you all enjoy this outfit, You guys let me tell you the struggle it has been taking photos outside in Arizona in this heat. It’s so hard haha because we just about die and we take the photos in the evening so we have to kind of hurry before the sun goes down. Besides that, this kimono is giving me life lately. I’ve literally been wearing it with every outfit because it kind of just makes the outfit. Plus with it being super hot obviously I can’t wear sweaters or cardigans and this is the perfect alternative because it’s so light weight and it comes in like 5 other colors, so I need to buy them all asap! haha

The bracelets again in this photo are courtesy of Kendra Scott, LOVE Them. They are so fun to stack with my other bracelets as well as watches and Coming soon is styling the necklace they also sent me, I’m just waiting on the photos so be patient ya’ll.

ALSO I go home next Thursday you guys for a week!!! WOW it’s gonna be kinda crazy and busy as I have to see so many people there and so much to do. It’s gonna be weird though, because I haven’t gone home obviously since I moved and it’s gonna be weird!!!

I’m so excited to see my best friends and family though it’s gonna be so great. I’m super excited to share with everyone, a sneak peak of the music I’ve been working on, because I’m so proud of it and excited about everything. I will also be documenting seeing Steven Tyler when I can because that’s going to be so amazing and I’ve never been more excited to see someone live before!! AHHHHHh




Big Bold Belts

Big Bold Belts

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TOP: American Eagle PANTS: Anthropologie BELT: B-Low The Belt BRACELETS: Kendra Scott SHOES: Dolce Vita

Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far. I am BACK with more outfit photos than ever and I’m so excited. I’ve been loving all kinds of fun stuff lately, and these pants are one of them. I picked them up on a whim from Anthropologie and they are the best things ever and are so versatile, I’ve dressed them up and dressed them down, plus they are so comfortable! Paired with this colorful top from American Eagle just makes the whole outfit pop!!

I also scored this belt from Free People and it was on sale!!!! I think they sold out of it now though, but you can still find similar ones or purchase this one, But I’m in love with it I’ve literally been wearing it every day since I got it! haha

I am partnering up with Kendra Scott with this post and my next post, For the launch of their fall collection she sent me these beautiful bracelets as well as a necklace that will be in the next post and I’m IN LOVE! The collection is inspired by Italy. It features beautiful jewel tones, like emerald, rubies, golds and rose golds, as well as beautiful bold pieces inspired by Italian architecture. There are also lovely delicate pieces as well for those who wants something more dainty. I’m so excited to share this with you all because Kendra Scott is one of my FAVORITE All time jewelry companies!

I hope you enjoyed this outfit today and I’ll be back soon with another post!:)



Lets talk about Candles!!!



Everyone always talks about Bath and Bodyworks candles and raves about how amazing they are, and yes they smell super amazing but for people like me who have breathing and asthmatic issues… They make me super wheezy. Not to mention, since those candles are mass produced they are probably not the healthiest to be breathing it.

If you’ve burned those candles for quite a while they actually can leave a waxy residue on your walls, which is super NOT good. So, I stray from buying those types of candles and only can stick to certain ones, like ones that are made with Soy or handmade candles… even candles from Target, I can’t do.

This adorable shop called “Maganda Treasures” on Etsy actually contacted me and wanted to send me a candle! All of their candles are handmade and made with soy, I JUMPED At that of course! They are all super affordable as well, which is a super plus!!!

Go check them out and purchase some amazing scented candles!!!

Here I have burning the Raspberry Sangria… Also only burned this for 2 hours and it’s the next day and my apartment still smells amazing!!!

Go Purchase them now:)

Maganda TreasuresĀ 


*This post was in collaboration with “Maganda Treasures” thank you so much