So I have a few things I want to chat about today, one of them being this shoot( Posted below) has been published in Creators Magazine, which is SUPER amazing and I’m so thankful. Huge awesome milestone. I can’t believe it!!!

Alright moving on to some more important things. I’ve been wanting to talk about growing up and going through phases, but essentially finding yourself.

Let’s start in the awkward phases of middle school where we are going through puberty getting to know ourselves, getting to know our peers, finding your friend groups and finding out your hobbies. This stage is super important, at least it was for me. I’ve always loved the things I love from a young age, I mean from the age of 6 I was singing and dancing everyday, but I also watched as I grew up… I watched my moms style and her fashion and that really inspired me to love fashion. But then in middle school I really got into loving playing the guitar and singing covers of songs it just became my life. I would sing and dance in the garage at my house everyday. This phase was really about finding our passions. Now I know not everyone is the same in that aspect… sometimes it takes awhile and that’s okay. That’s what we always get so stressed about later on or getting things done by a certain age and having this timeline. It’s completely okay to not know too, and to take your time doing so.

When I started my blog which was in high school, so I was not really sure who I was. I really just started it because I loved fashion and I loved writing. My blog has never been about just selling things or doing it because everyone else is doing it. I started this back in 2013 and I’m SO happy I did. It has brought me so many wonderful opportunities and experiences. I’m so thankful and grateful these platforms exist. Reasoning behind my blog is that I wanted to inspire and motivate young individuals like myself to never let anything stop them from pursuing what they love. Growing up in a small town was really hard in that aspect because if you did something like this or sing/dance and want to pursue it you were crazy, or the odd one out. It is possible and doing what you love even if it may be scary or taking a risk despite the criticism you can do it. I’m that voice in the back of your head saying, don’t listen to what people think or their opinions should they be negative. Listen to yourself, listen to your heart. More importantly LOVE the life your building. LOVE every step of the way.

This brings me to my next point. Through every different phase of my life, and yours too. We are finding ourselves, we are finding what we like and what we don’t like. We are finding the groups of people we thrive around and the groups of people we don’t. We are finding the music that makes our souls sing. We are finding the styles of clothing and trends we love and things we don’t. People have said I do too much and to find one things and stick to that. Excuse me… but what?! Everything I do I love with all my heart. I love a lot of different styles, I love fashion and beauty and music. That’s what has made me the person I am today, I’ve learned that I’m not just one thing. I’m everything that I love built in one and again that’s what makes me… Me. That’s what makes you… You.


Get out there and build your best life. Don’t let anyone tell you any different.




Stripes, Army Green and Flowers

JACKET: J.Crew SWEATER: AE(Similar)  JEANS: Topshop SHOES: Nordstrom Rack 
Hello everyone! I apologize for lack of posts lately! The weather literally has been absolutely terrible and I haven’t been able to take any photos outside. I’m talking like 2 inches of solid ice on the ground! I hope you all are enjoying your start to the week, I’ve been wanting to start my Youtube channel back up with a styling video series, I think it would be super fun and I have some awesome Ideas I want to share with you all, so let me know what you all would want to see. 
Today I loved wearing normal shoes that aren’t snow boots, Haha. I’ve been loving wearing green lately and It really brightens things up with it being so gloomy outside. This jacket from J.Crew is one of my favorite jackets, it goes with everything, has a hood tucked in the collar, and keeps you warm with a sweater underneath. This is a must in my closet this season, also great as a seasonal transition jacket.
These beautiful little booties I purchased from Hautelook and they are still on the Rack website… ON SALE! They are amazing and I haven’t even had to break them in, they are just ready to go out of the box, perfect to match with this jacket, LOVE LOVE LOVE! I can’t wait to wear these in the summer with some cute white shorts! Ahhh I’ve been planning so much for outfits this summer, cannot wait you guys. I also might be planning a trip to the Caribbean, so I’ll definitely take you along for that! 
Have a great week this week and I’ll see you again soon:)

Rompers are everything

I’m in love with rompers this summer, which is awesome cause they are super easy to wear and you look dressed up without too much effort! I also found these amazing booties from Target, I was just snooping online one day and found these and don’t they look like the $200 Jeffrey Campbell boots?? RIGHT?! Literally exactly like them! I will say though they will take some breaking in because they are really stiff and also gave me a blister the first time I wore them! AHH But it’s all good they are broken in now! Beauty is pain you guys! You have to go grab these though if you’ve been looking at the Jeffrey Campbell ones! I’ve been debating until I found these!!!:) 
Have a great week everyone, Ill be back tomorrow:) 

Cute and casual

SHIRT: Adidas SHORTS: American Eagle SHOES: Vans (similar) BELT: Express
Here’s a super casual look for today, I’ve been wearing very casual stuff on my days off just to be super comfy! This is probably the most casual you’ll see me! haha But It’s very hot here as per usual, like 100 degrees! I’ve spent this weekend working and watching Harry Potter, which is a nice weekend for me! It’s Harry Potters birthday today and I’m so stoked because I pre-ordered “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” I CAN”T WAIT TO READ IT! I’m like as everyone else is I assume a super Harry Potter fan, it’s like my comfort movie, LOVE!!! Let me know if all of you are going to be reading it this week!!!:) 

Off The Shoulder

TOP: American Eagle JEANS: Topshop SHOES: Express PURSE: Nordstrom Rack
Hello lovely ladies!! It’s cooled off here a little bit but it’s about to shoot back up to the 100 this next week! Lots of change happening right now, we are in the process of moving houses.. Which is crazy!!! So there will be lots of blog posts to come about decor and more beauty posts since I’ll have more room, I really can’t wait to show you what’s to come, i’m so excited!! 
Lets talk about clothes though. So these off the shoulder shirts are super in right now as you have probably seen them everywhere, this one goes with anything and is so light for the summertime! I paired it with jeans this day but you can totally pair shorts with it even with these little booties would be absolutely adorable!! 
I also want to talk again about Marc Jacobs purses.. as many of you know how in love with them I am, he’s literally my FAVE Designer, LOVE HIM! I found this on Nordstrom Racks website and IMMEDIATELY Bought it… trust me I did not hesitate, an they have tons on there right now!! You need to go check it out if you love him just as much as I do! 

Burnt Orange Obsessed

JUMPSUIT: American Eagle BELT: Express SHOES: Nordstrom
I told you guys I was obsessed with this color, but can we all just agree how amazing this jumpsuit is! I love jumpsuits they’re so quick and easy and super comfy!! This one definitely screams Music festivals and Coachella. Here’s this belt again, the infamous (B-Low the Belt) Belt that’s not $150 I bought this one from Express for $39! LOVE!!! 
I’d love for you guys to give me some ideas for outfits you’d like to see, or want me to recreate because I love recreating outfits from celebrities or anywhere! Leave your ideas in the comments:) 
ALSO on American Eagle they are doing Buy One Get one half off of dresses even on these jumpsuits! 

BOGO 50% off at American Eagle

DRESS: American Eagle SHOES: Dolce Vita JACKET: Express
Today I’m bringing you the perfect dress for summertime, literally perfect for any occasion and it comes in two colors!!! You can dress this up or down, wear it to a wedding or a BBQ, It’s perf. The shoes I’m wearing are super comfy, and I put them to the test by wearing them walking around downtown Seattle all day and they did GREAT:)
I’m obsessing right now over these burnt orange hues, they are so beautiful to me and they just pop, even if it’s just in your makeup. I know it’s a very IN color for the summertime, but as you’ll see in a few posts coming I can’t stop buying things in the color! 
I want to talk about my purse though because I’m not quite sure if I’ve mentioned this or not. I’m obsessed with Marc By Marc Jacobs.. he’s probably my favorite designer ever. I Just adore his whole line of Marc By Marc purses and this is one of them.. That I just so happen to have found at the Rack.. I almost cried. I have a few of these purses and they are amazing, but heres the sad news. I was devastated that he was discontinuing such a well loved line and that day has happened. The only place to find these now is Nordstrom Rack and eBay.. Maybe Bloomingdales. But I just want to express my sadness of these bags being gone, because they will forever be my favorite and I’m sure a lot of others as well. Lol I’m totally being dramatic too, but for real… the love this girl has for his purses is real. 
One thing I’m going to add is that I have never paid full price for any of these purses because lets just face it I don’t just have $448 laying around. I’ve bought new off of Ebay and Like I said here the rack, sometimes on when Nordstrom did the Price matching as well. Trust me I found good deals. 😉