So I have a few things I want to chat about today, one of them being this shoot( Posted below) has been published in Creators Magazine, which is SUPER amazing and I’m so thankful. Huge awesome milestone. I can’t believe it!!!

Alright moving on to some more important things. I’ve been wanting to talk about growing up and going through phases, but essentially finding yourself.

Let’s start in the awkward phases of middle school where we are going through puberty getting to know ourselves, getting to know our peers, finding your friend groups and finding out your hobbies. This stage is super important, at least it was for me. I’ve always loved the things I love from a young age, I mean from the age of 6 I was singing and dancing everyday, but I also watched as I grew up… I watched my moms style and her fashion and that really inspired me to love fashion. But then in middle school I really got into loving playing the guitar and singing covers of songs it just became my life. I would sing and dance in the garage at my house everyday. This phase was really about finding our passions. Now I know not everyone is the same in that aspect… sometimes it takes awhile and that’s okay. That’s what we always get so stressed about later on or getting things done by a certain age and having this timeline. It’s completely okay to not know too, and to take your time doing so.

When I started my blog which was in high school, so I was not really sure who I was. I really just started it because I loved fashion and I loved writing. My blog has never been about just selling things or doing it because everyone else is doing it. I started this back in 2013 and I’m SO happy I did. It has brought me so many wonderful opportunities and experiences. I’m so thankful and grateful these platforms exist. Reasoning behind my blog is that I wanted to inspire and motivate young individuals like myself to never let anything stop them from pursuing what they love. Growing up in a small town was really hard in that aspect because if you did something like this or sing/dance and want to pursue it you were crazy, or the odd one out. It is possible and doing what you love even if it may be scary or taking a risk despite the criticism you can do it. I’m that voice in the back of your head saying, don’t listen to what people think or their opinions should they be negative. Listen to yourself, listen to your heart. More importantly LOVE the life your building. LOVE every step of the way.

This brings me to my next point. Through every different phase of my life, and yours too. We are finding ourselves, we are finding what we like and what we don’t like. We are finding the groups of people we thrive around and the groups of people we don’t. We are finding the music that makes our souls sing. We are finding the styles of clothing and trends we love and things we don’t. People have said I do too much and to find one things and stick to that. Excuse me… but what?! Everything I do I love with all my heart. I love a lot of different styles, I love fashion and beauty and music. That’s what has made me the person I am today, I’ve learned that I’m not just one thing. I’m everything that I love built in one and again that’s what makes me… Me. That’s what makes you… You.


Get out there and build your best life. Don’t let anyone tell you any different.




70’s Vibes

70’s Vibes

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BODYSUIT: Urban Outfitters JEANS: Free People SHOES: Express (Similar) BELT: B-Low The Belt SUNGLASSES: American Eagle BANDANA: Urban Outfitters 


Happy Monday everyone!!! Today is the start of FALL OUTFITS!!! So as many of you know, I’m in Arizona and it’s definitely going to be a struggle finding some fall outfits that I don’t die in, but I’m gonna do it to fit the season here! As I did with this outfit, since it’s still 90+ degrees we are transitioning with fall colors. I’m obsessed with this burnt Orange color right now, it’s so beautiful and it compliments literally everyone! This bodysuit is so versatile as well and comes in a few other colors. I’ve already worn it with so many different bottoms! For those of you who have similar body type to me I feel like plunging necklines are super flattering because I don’t really have much “shape” to my body, so I’ve been loving this type of neckline! Pairing this outfit with my fave jeans right now as well as the belt I haven’t stopped wearing! I love Free People Jeans, they’re some of my faves and they don’t wear out, which I love. They hold their shape as well!

I hope you guys enjoyed this outfit and have a great start to your week!! ūüôā



A Pop Of Color

A Pop Of Color

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TOP: American Eagle JEANS: One Teaspoon SHOES: Target PURSE: Sold Out HAT: American Eagle NECKLACE: Target


Hello everyone, I hope you all have had a wonderful week. Today I wanted to tell you guys about everything I’ve been doing these past couple weeks because I’m just so giddy with excitement.

As I’ve talked previously, I’ve been going to the studio “The Saltmine” A lot lately, I’ve gotten bit by the studio bug and now I can’t stay away. I’ve felt so inspired and creative, it’s just flowing out of me and it feels so good. I’m going to be working on an album and I’ve never been more excited for anything In my entire life. I’ve wanted to make music and perform since I was like 6 years old. I couldn’t do any of this without the people at “The Saltmine” And especially Zach Salter who you should all go follow on Instagram (@Zachsalter_ )¬†he is a musical and lyrical genius and also the mastermind behind my music. We did a song the other day and I’ve honestly been so emotional since because I’m so excited, we basically finished it in 4 hours, which was crazy and I can’t wait to get back in there and crank out like 5 more songs. I literally don’t like being away from there, the vibes at the studio just complete me and make my creative juices flowing. So get ready you guys for some amazing music coming your way so soon!!!

This outfit also is giving me super rocker chic vibes. I’m in love with these jeans and they are still on sale. I’ve definitely found that these need some breaking in to really wear the denim so it is more stretchy. They go with so many different types of looks as well, Here I’m pairing it with a crop top and a pop of color. Loving being super neutral and then having a pop of color in either my shoes or purse. These shoes are super affordable as well because they are from Target… And who doesn’t LOVE Target. I just recently went in there and their home section brought tears to my eyes, SO MUCH CUTE STUFF. I want to really start decorating my apartment, but I just can’t stop buying clothes you guys! haha

Thank you all so much for supporting me in my blog and fashion. I hope you’re all super excited to hear my music, because I’m stoked to share it with the world. I will go more in detail in a separate post about fully creating the music.

Stay tuned!!




Camo and Vintage High Rise

Super casual today, the sun is finally out and it’s warm enough here to be in a tank top!! So loving it. I just got back from Arizona last week and what a world wind it’s been since I left. Who knew so much stuff could happen in one week! I will soon be able to tell you all, I promise!!!!¬†
I’ve also never worn Camo before and I love this tank top, It’s going to go with so much when it’s hotter outside, I can’t wait. Also same with these jeans, they aren’t totally skinny but aren’t baggy either, It’s like the perfect happy medium. I think pairing camo with brown accents looks so good together, which I’ve got the shoes and the purse, so cute for spring.¬†
I hope you all are ready for my Coachella looks, I’m working on a ton for you all. Although I’m not going and SO WISH I was but it’s super fun to just put stuff together.. If you guys have any ideas or outfit pairings you’d like to see totally let me know:)¬†
Not a whole lot to say today, But I hope you enjoy this outfit:)

Bomber Jackets In spring

 JACKET: American Eagle JEANS: Topshop BODYSUIT: American Eagle HEELS: Nordstrom 
Re-discovering your passion for something in life is so awakening and uplifting. I realize I seem to talk about Passions in life a lot, but I also feel as though not enough people do. That’s life, living life is having passion and a drive to do the things you love and it’s sad when people don’t but sometimes I think it’s because they haven’t let themselves fall in love with something enough to have a passion for it or doubting it. These past couple weeks music has literally been living through me, My mind is at it’s most creative and it’s honestly never felt so good. I’ve been dancing more than ever and choreographing dances to mostly Sia songs and some Coldplay. I LIVE for dancing, It runs through my veins. My mom use to be a Prima Ballerina and now as I’m getting older I can fully appreciate and get to know her passion for it because it lives in me too. Something I want to see more people in life do is let your self loose to the music. Live, feel and breathe it. I promise you all your worries and all your fears will soon drift away once you find that passion in life.¬†
I’m sitting here typing this but also thinking that In not even less than a month I can 100% say my whole life has been forever changed. I’m not really good with change and I think that’s where a lot of anxieties lie is getting use to new things and being okay with it. I can’t exactly say what’s happening yet, but within a couple days I will be able to share ALL! I’m in Arizona right now and I’ve never been more excited for what’s to come. This state is absolutely beautiful, I love Washington with all my heart but I need a big change. The only way to overcoming your fears is to face them head on and with all your heart. I apologize if I tend to ramble on but I love to express my mind. I hope you all enjoy and I’ll see you guys soon.¬†
I also just spilled my coffee all over myself typing this… Oops…¬†

Add A Little Flare In your step

JEANS: American Eagle BODYSUIT: Express JACKET: Hollister BELT: Forever 21 
I’ve had major technical difficulties and this post was suppose to go up a couple days ago and never posted!!! I apologize¬†
Anywho, I’m in love with wearing these bootcut jeans, I haven’t worn them like I said in my last post since like freshman year of high school! Crazy!!! These just add something totally different then the casual skinny jeans. Pairing them with this low cut bodysuit just make it work extremely well. Whenever I have something more flowy on the bottom, I have to have something fitted on the top and Vice;Versa. On a cloudy day like this day this jacket definitely comes in handy, It’s like a little fuzzy blanket, But beware this thing sheds like no other if you’re wearing black. I was not aware and was covered in white fur.. lol But other than that it’s such a cute staple to have in your closet just maybe wash it before you wear it!¬†
I have two belts like this one from express and this one from Forever 21 and they are such perfect dupes for the B-Low the Belt one. I love that you can take an otherwise casual outfit and dress it up with a belt like this. 
COACHELLA Is coming up you guys and I want to hear what you guys want to see style wise from me, I won’t be going, BUT I super wish I was!!! I have some amazing festival wear to rock for you all, but if there’s anything in particular you want to see from me, let me know.. I’d love to rock it for ya’ll!¬†
*This post is sponsored and In Collaboration with American Eagle Outfitters. 

We All Start As Strangers

SHIRT: American Eagle JEANS: American Eagle SHOES: Target GUITAR: Ted Brown Music HAT: American Eagle 
There’s been a lot of music on my mind lately, It’s been a constant presence now more than ever and I am LOVING it. I taught myself how to play guitar when I was in 6th grade, I first learned on a classical guitar, which if ya’ll know anything about… If you have tiny hands like I do they are a little bit trickier to play than a typical acoustic. That guitar was bigger than I was and I loved it. I then moved on to a Seagull Acoustic guitar which my dad bought for me from the most amazing music store in Vancouver B.C. That guitar has been through a lot with me and I’ve carried it through the airport and onto a plane more times than I can count. The first song I learned on that guitar was “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” By KT Tunstall, one of my fave songs to this day. I stopped playing for a good year to work and focus on a few other things but picked it back up again in November, and boy am I glad I did. This guitar is my new baby, I went to a music store on Monday with no intentions to buy anything and saw this one, it was on a steal of a sale and thought about it, then went back immediately on Tuesday to pick it up. It’s called a Fender Resonator FR50. The way this guitar sings is just so beautiful and different than anything I’ve played and I love it and am SO beyond inspired to really throw myself into music.¬†
Through the ups and downs of life it’s made me appreciate the art of music and everything that goes into it, the entire process. It is really so beautiful. Whether it be a Musical, Play, Song or even a TV Show.¬†
If you take one thing away from reading my blog, I would want that to be to inspire you. I want to inspire young people, people my age that If you love something, with all your heart.. Don’t let it go. Be inspired and go out and chase your dreams. Don’t listen to what people tell you to do because they think that’s what’s best for you. Do what’s in your heart because it’s what YOU want to do, you won’t be sorry.¬†
I’m working on something very different and cool for you guys, hopefully will be able to fully share it all soon:)

*This post is In collaboration and sponsored by American Eagle