Contrasting Colors

Contrasting Colors

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SWEATER: Nordstrom BOOTS: Nordstrom Rack SKIRT: Free People BAG: Target

Hello lovelies. Happy Fall!!! I love this time of year, but honestly who doesn’t!! I’m really missing the fall weather back home for sure, it’s so weird it still being like 80 degrees in November! I’m trying to work In all my black wardrobe from working at MAC into my outfits now, since I’m not working for MAC Anymore (A whole other blog post) I’m living for these skirts by Free People, they have so many different ones and different colors! Paired with these amazing boots I found for a steal at The Rack, I love the pop of color they give. This Fall I’m trying to pair colors you wouldn’t normally wear together! I find it kind of fun and a new twist on a typical outfit. Here we have Burgundy paired with a darker green on my purse, nothing too crazy but it makes the color pop against the black outfit.


On a totally separate note, I’ve been writing so much music lately… I’m on a roll and I know I say this a lot but I can’t wait to share all these songs with the world. The process of making this album is like rebuilding myself and telling my story in a way I never thought was possible. It’s taken all my thoughts that I’ve never shared with the world and turning it into songs that are quite literally coming straight from my heart. I’m learning so much about music and it makes me so happy. There’s nothing better than learning while being so hands on and actually doing it. I’m right in the midst of all things music and it’s always what I’ve wanted my life to be like.

Stay tuned! Thanks so much for reading:)




A Pop Of Color

A Pop Of Color

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TOP: American Eagle JEANS: One Teaspoon SHOES: Target PURSE: Sold Out HAT: American Eagle NECKLACE: Target


Hello everyone, I hope you all have had a wonderful week. Today I wanted to tell you guys about everything I’ve been doing these past couple weeks because I’m just so giddy with excitement.

As I’ve talked previously, I’ve been going to the studio “The Saltmine” A lot lately, I’ve gotten bit by the studio bug and now I can’t stay away. I’ve felt so inspired and creative, it’s just flowing out of me and it feels so good. I’m going to be working on an album and I’ve never been more excited for anything In my entire life. I’ve wanted to make music and perform since I was like 6 years old. I couldn’t do any of this without the people at “The Saltmine” And especially Zach Salter who you should all go follow on Instagram (@Zachsalter_ ) he is a musical and lyrical genius and also the mastermind behind my music. We did a song the other day and I’ve honestly been so emotional since because I’m so excited, we basically finished it in 4 hours, which was crazy and I can’t wait to get back in there and crank out like 5 more songs. I literally don’t like being away from there, the vibes at the studio just complete me and make my creative juices flowing. So get ready you guys for some amazing music coming your way so soon!!!

This outfit also is giving me super rocker chic vibes. I’m in love with these jeans and they are still on sale. I’ve definitely found that these need some breaking in to really wear the denim so it is more stretchy. They go with so many different types of looks as well, Here I’m pairing it with a crop top and a pop of color. Loving being super neutral and then having a pop of color in either my shoes or purse. These shoes are super affordable as well because they are from Target… And who doesn’t LOVE Target. I just recently went in there and their home section brought tears to my eyes, SO MUCH CUTE STUFF. I want to really start decorating my apartment, but I just can’t stop buying clothes you guys! haha

Thank you all so much for supporting me in my blog and fashion. I hope you’re all super excited to hear my music, because I’m stoked to share it with the world. I will go more in detail in a separate post about fully creating the music.

Stay tuned!!




Leather and Olive

In today’s post I have been loving the olive green trend and especially with this military inspired dress from American Eagle. It fits into my fall wardrobe perfectly and I’m going to be wearing it a ton. I’m showing you a few different ways you could wear it and you could really dress it up if you’d like or dress it down for a more casual look like I did with the denim vest, LOVE! As you can tell I’ve been loving leather, with both this vest and jacket. This vest I’m in love with I actually found it in the back of my moms closet, she hasn’t worn it for YEARS! I was like OMG MINE! haha Anyways it’s from Nordstrom years and years ago the brand is BB Dakota, Super comfy, has lasted for years and literally still looks brand new. HECK YES Nordstrom! My leather jacket that I’ve been loving from Abercrombie is literally my STAPLE piece for fall and winter. I think everyone needs a good leather jacket and everyone has their own fit that they like in leather, some might like it a little oversized and I like min pretty fitted like this one.. You can also kind of mold it to your body.. I know that sounds weird but there are wires in the collar and around the zipper so you can bend it and form it! 
Lastly, My boots that I have also not worn in years, I got them for Christmas years ago when over the knee boots weren’t in style and these were very hard to wear around my town, NOW I can wear them wherever I want to, I’ve learned that if its your style WEAR IT whenever you want, not just because it’s in trend or not. If you like it wear it and you’ll be happy you did! Ps They’re super comfy too!

Pineapple’s and Patterns

In today’s post I am featuring a pineapple! BUT there’s a smoothie in the pineapple and it’s amazing!!!! We have a Vitamix from Costco and it is literally the BEST Blender ever. All we put in the smoothie is frozen blueberries, a banana, Of course some pineapple, a few peaches, and an orange, and then we blend it up and it’s AMAZING!!!! Super healthy and you are getting tons of fruit! I put it in the pineapple to drink and it just made it even more yummy, So much flavor! 
As for what I’m wearing… I”m wearing a dress from Abercrombie, Necklace is from Stella & Dot, and my shoes are ancient from Forever 21.. Haha I found them in the back of my closet and I have never even really wore them! Right now at Abercrombie they’re doing 20% off your entire purchase!! 
DRESS: Abercrombie (Similar) 
SHOES: Forever 21 (Similar)
NECKLACE: Stella & Dot (Similar) Or (Similar)

Swimming With Flamingos

So it’s literally so hot where I live, and it’s very hard to not be by a pool! I went out and bought this Flamingo floaty from American Eagle and It was way bigger than I thought it would be which was awesome! They also have donuts and a tootsie roll and I think that’s all! My scalloped swim suit it from Victoria’s Secret Pink! LOVE IT! My necklace is from stella and dot, One of my bracelets is from Kate Spade and the other is from Topshop. I have been loving gold jewelry, I think it’s just so summery and pretty! My hat is from Abercrombie and that swimsuit cover up is from somewhere in Mexico I believe! haha 

Springy/Summery Whites

I love me some high waisted pants, and these jeans are SUPER comfy they’re from American Eagle their new Denim X line… they’re literally like leggings! So stretchy! I’m also loving lots of white things lately, especially with hints of brown in the outfit! Oh and lots of gold things, haha! 
TOP: Pac Sun (Similar) 
GREEN SHIRT: American Eagle 
GREY SWEATER: American Eagle