You Are My Sunshine

You Are My Sunshine

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I want to dive into something real quick before I talk about the pictures above. I always want to take you guys who read my blog a little bit into my life that’s not on Instagram or other social media. I feel more personal on my blog and the ability to be a little bit more vulnerable. Doing music and really trying to pursue it, and writing songs everyday and singing my heart out… trying to learn as much as I can. Trying to learn everyday how to better myself as an artist and my craft. I LOVE learning about music and writing. It brings me so much joy. Throughout this whole process and still going obviously, I’ve learned a great deal about what I really want in life and what really matters. My perspective on a lot has changed since doing it and it has really opened my eyes to people and to people that care about you. With my blog I want to inspire you guys and motivate you to achieve your dreams and goals and be the BEST version of yourself. In this day and age it’s so easy to get caught up in what everyone thinks about you and other people’s opinions, it’s so easy to let that affect who you are and what you can achieve. Now, I’m not sitting here and telling you I know it all and all the ways to not let this affect you and/or ways around it, because I’m still trying to find ways to ignore it, but  the best way I can put it is nothing anyone says can lessen your personal worth or lessen your talents/what you’re doing.

I feel like I always end up rambling when I get an idea of what I want to talk about, but I hope you guys know that by now and are okay with listening to me ramble. We took these photos last week and they came out SUPER nostalgic, almost in a way where these are the types of photos you look back on in a decades time bringing you back to a feeling, bringing you back to that specific time and place. Oh you guys Nostalgia is one of my favorite feelings. It’s so insane to me how you could be sitting in a field one day with a good friend, while the sun is setting and just get an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. All these feelings bring you back to a time and place where you once felt something that made you so happy. A memory that you can’t replicate, It’s like taking you back in a time machine and the whole world stops. This feeling is a feeling we all should reflect on as it’s happening because it almost puts you in a meditative state. I feel like nostalgia happens to remind us in this crazy world that goes by so fast of what’s really important in life and what really should matter to us, because a the end of the day all these memories we are making every single day are all moments and one day we will look back on and wonder if we would have just lived in the moment, would we remember it longer, or would it be an infinite memory that we always remember not just in feelings of nostalgia. Next time you find yourself in a moment you want to remember for the rest of your life. Take a minute, breathe and take everything in that’s around you. I guess I take these moments so seriously right now because I’m in an in between phase in my life where I’m realizing a lot and not quite where I wanna be yet but also working my ass off to get there. So much is changing around me constantly that it is hard to take in those little moments that you want to remember forever that, I have to remind myself to do this all the time. Also so many little things are happening around me in the midst of all of this that I want to remember forever and I know for a fact are some of the best memories I have within the last two years.

“Isn’t it funny how day by day everything changes, but when you look back everything is different. “


The jacket I’m wearing also is a HUGE nostalgic piece. My mom painted this for me and the crazy thing is while my mom is extremely talented and artistic she also painted a tank top for me when I was like 8 of a moon and the faces on them are almost identical. Which is SO crazy to me. I think we might start designing more of these with different designs because she’s also designed one with a phoenix on the back, so stay tuned they might be for sale soon:)







Life is…

Life is…

Hello Lovelies. It’s been a while and let me tell you life has been crazy. If you ever wonder what I’m up to definitely check my Instagram or snapchat.

I wanted to write this blog post to give you all a little life update because so much has happened since January let alone since my last post about Mexico.

Let me start this off by saying, the music industry is not for the faint hearted. At the age of 21 I did not think I would be pursuing a passion I’ve had since the age of 6. I always thought I had to have everything accomplished by a certain age and was always told what to do… or what people think I should do with my life. No one has everything figured out by any age. Especially 21. I’m learning so much about music, about people, about people who I associate myself with and about myself. I’ve already had some really stupid experiences with people trying to take advantage of me.. A Women in the industry who’s doing everything on her own. That’s me. I threw myself into this industry by myself not knowing a single thing about it other than I can sing/play guitar and write songs. Coming out on the other side as of recently, I’ve learned a heck of a lot about Music business/laws/copyright and people’s intentions. I have a huge heart and I’m way too trusting of a person and people like to take advantage of that and tell me what to do/what to sing… etc..I’ve learned if I want anything done in this business, to get it done on my own. The last couple months I’ve been beaten down, been too nice to people I shouldn’t and have been doing pointless shit for people who want to use me. I never thought I would be in the situation until I realized what was happening. It’s taught me a lot. Only until recently have I realized my worth as a person and an artist. You have to honestly count on yourself and believe fully and completely in yourself and what drives your soul and your passion. You believe in yourself more than anyone else can. You know what you want, the road may not be easy but have full faith that you’re on the path you are suppose to be on.

“Doubt kills dreams more than failure ever will”

I kind of just want to leave it there and leave you all to take that for what it is. More than anything I can’t wait to share my music FINALLY with the world. It’s going to be nothing you’ve heard and completely from scratch… and we will leave it at that. I feel like I can finally conquer the world today and Finally feel like I have the power over my life and no one can tell me what to do unless it’s to help me, better me as an artist or constructive criticism.

Again, I can’t wait to finally share my music with the world. Coming Soon.

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DRESS: Free People NECKLACE: Free People SHOES: Jeffrey Campbell
Let’s talk music!!! I’ve been downloading so much new and old music and it’s really inspiring me! First off lets talk about Miley Cyrus… I grew up with her and still LOVE her, she’s such an inspiring person and I’ve always loved her music, I want you all if you haven’t go watch her backyard sessions on youtube, specifically “Lilac Wine” they’re so beautiful and really shows who she is as an artist today even after releasing “Malibu” also loving that too! I love how much of a free spirit she is and she’s really not afraid to speak her mind. Also don’t think this is the new Miley, This is who she’s always been and I love her. 
Next up… Harry Styles.. WHAT DUDE. This album is killer. Now, I’m not a huge One Direction fan… But Harry just set the bar HIGH! This album gives me super oldies vibes like Bowie and I love it. It may give off Bowie vibes but it’s so unique an unlike anything on the radio today. I’m sure he feels unstoppable now because dude you’re killing it. 
So, Pearl Jam. I mean it’s been said how amazing they are. I’ve been listening to all their stuff lately and it’s just giving me such good vibes, they will never not be good… I only wish I could see them live ASAP but they aren’t touring… sadly. 
OKAY PEOPLE. JON BELLION. I’ve been listening to him for quite some time now and his songs give me so much inspiration and they just make me wanna get shit done. Creatively, Jon is a genius. I want you all to go watch his “The making of…” videos because you will see a real artist in his creative process at work and creating just utter bliss. Jon, has worked SO hard to get where he is today and he literally has done it all himself and I can’t praise that enough. I saw him live back in November and hands down the best concert I’ve ever been to, well besides Paul McCartney, but I mean seriously. I can’t explain it enough how amazing he is. But he is. 
SIA. You guys Sia gets me through ANYTHING. Her music has gotten me through some of the toughest days and I can’t thank her enough. Her music is probably my FAVORITE to create contemporary dances to because well she’s Sia. My Favorite one currently is “The Greatest” but also love dancing to “Unstoppable” That song literally makes me feel like I’m on top of the world. 
Isn’t it crazy how much music can change our lives? 
Honestly I don’t know what I would do without it. Music gives me life, Music literally is my life. 
I want to hear some of your guys’ favorites, Please I’m open to any type of music. Bring it on!!! 

Winter Wonderland

SWEATER: Free People JEANS: Free People BOOTS: Vince Camuto SCARF: (similar) Free People
Hello everyone! Sorry this is a tad late, I just haven’t had the time to edit this! 
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and holidays. New Years is right around the corner, which is crazy!! I have a lot of things planned for this new year and I’m ready to just have a wonderful year filled with love and joy and doing the things that I love. 
The Other day I watched Jimmy Fallon and Steve Harvey was on there, he was talking about the book he wrote called “Leap Of Faith” and it really inspired me to honestly take a leap of faith in this new year. There are so many things that I want to be doing that I haven’t had the courage to do and honestly that just made me think that this year is the year. Of course a huge part of my life is Musical Theatre and I feel at my most happiest when doing it, so I hope to be doing a lot with that. I would love to take a trip to New York, and honestly just traveling anywhere is my goal. Spending some time in the UK would be amazing and a few other things that I can’t really talk about yet, are in the works;)
I’m currently just relaxing and taking some me and family time after this holiday season as working it really wears you out, let me tell you. I’m someone who gets tired very easily so it’s much needed:) 
Anyway this outfit is one of my faves!! Also don’t wear suede in the snow, although I couldn’t really avoid it. I found a few things from Free People on sale and I just couldn’t resist!!! These jeans are awesome, never worn free people jeans before and they are GREAT! Also this sweater pairs with it beautifully, Normally a $128 and I got it for $60 These jeans were normally $78 and I got them on sale for $48! 
I’m hoping to take you guys up snowboarding with me this week so bare with me If I can get my camera up there and get some good photos, you’ll see them on the blog! Also If you have any tips on how  to bring your camera up to a snowy mountain while snowboarding and take pics that would be wonderful! 


SWEATER: Free People SKIRT: American Eagle(Similar) BOOTS: Express PURSE: TJMAXX
Hello everyone, So as I’ve mentioned in the previous post, I’ve been super busy. 
Right now I’m working on putting together this amazing event that’s actually happening NEXT WEEKEND! For MAC Cosmetics the company that I work for, we have a line of lipsticks called Viva Glam. What it does is, by purchasing one lipstick for the selling price of $17 you are saving and helping countless men, women and children’s lives living with AIDS/HIV this money can give them clothes, food, shelter, help pay for their medicine, it’s really amazing. Now as employee’s it’s our turn to raise money for the fund. I’m having American Idol runner up of season 14 Clark Beckham come all the way from Nashville to perform here at one of our theatre. All ticket sales will be donated and matched by MAC Cosmetics, HOW AMAZING IS THAT!? This money will all go back out to local men, women and children living with and affected by this horrible disease. 
There’s so much I have to do between now and next weekend, but I am so beyond excited. This event is going to be wonderful. Don’t worry I’ll get lots of pictures during the weekend as well! Haha


TOP: Abercrombie SHORTS: American Eagle (ON SALE) SHOES: Free People SCARF: American Eagle
I found these amazing shoes on SALE at Nordstrom Rack you guys and I’m obsessed with them. They were originally $178.00 and I found them for $69!!! What a steal!!! They are so worth it  though, so comfy and look so cute with everything even jeans and pants! I told you guys I’m trying to branch out with wearing flat shoes on the blog and here’s the start!! You all are going to be seeing these in a ton of future posts because they go with everything and are my new fave sandals! 
This scarf from american eagle is literally so cute and really embodies that western vibes that we’ve been seeing everywhere! You can also wear this in your hair and a ton of different ways, plus they have it in a ton of different colors! It was like 10,000 degrees too hot to be wearing a shirt with a scarf though, tomorrow’s outfit is going to be a little bit more heat friendly. I was dying but I was also dying to share this outfit. Haha. 


Hello my lovelies, today I’m back again with a FUN COACHELLA POST! Now if only I could say that I was actually there and having fun there, that’d be ideal! Since I’m not, I’m here today to give you some outfit inspiration, and pretend I’m at Coachella. Hah! I put together three outfits for those who prefer certain ideals at the concert, who want to be more dressy or more casual. There’s tons more I wanna create but for now I have these! 
The first one a dress, is the more dressy option, I absolutely love this dress, it’s from Free People, I love literally anything from Free People! Gorgeous materials, dresses, everything! This dress is perfect for the concert and hot desert because it’s very boho yet very cool and breezy to wear, as well as super comfortable. I paired it with two different shoes to give options. The gladiator like heels are amazing and actually very comfortable, and same with the gladiator sandals! Both are from Target, so they’re super adorable, but they look very expensive!
The Second outfit screams Coachella to me! The romper paired with the kimono both from American Eagle, are amazing options plus super comfy to wear as well as anytime throughout the summer! I also have had these boots from Minnetonka FOREVER! They’re such amazing shoes and I wore them a ton in high school believe it or not! Haha But perfect for an event like this and again super comfy. I also have another option here too, they’re Freebird boots, another awesome choice as well!
AND Lastly, our last outfit which is the most casual out of the three, and super quick and easy to throw on especially if you’re swimming throughout the day as well, you could just throw a one piece on under the shorts and you’d be good to go! Love both of these pieces though the body suit and shorts are from American Eagle, you can also purchase the shoes there as well!  
And the best thing about any outfit for Coachella is to just layer all the jewelry you want to, LOVE IT! Also quick review, if you’ve made it this far! I purchased the Quay sunglasses, and if you’re thinking about it, don’t it’s a waste of $50.00 I bought them cause I thought they were so cute and they feel so cheap, like they’re about to break any second. Plus I’m the person that needs their sunglasses prescriptioned( I wear glasses all the time, really bad eyes) and these just won’t do for that! 
Almost everything I linked is on sale!!!!!! Especially at American Eagle!!!