Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon



I’m gonna start this post by saying the universe works in mysterious ways.

These past couple weeks of the beginning of the New Year have been very testing. I have gone through lots of moments of stress of not believing in myself and overthinking EVERYTHING. When you want something so bad you literally just feel it in your heart, almost like this burning flame that never goes out. When you decide to pursue something so crazy all this fear sets in and I’m not totally fearful but it’s definitely there. I think mostly it’s just fear mixed with excitement, but there’s also this fear mixed with not wanting to let people down and let myself down. You have to have a lot of faith in yourself and the most important person to believe in you is YOU. You have to block out all the negativity and all the people telling you otherwise and just do it for you.

Today I was wrapping up my singing lesson and driving home and as I was driving home I saw this Hot Air Balloon across the way and I got this weird feeling. It was a good feeling but weird, almost like Nostalgia or De Ja Vu, but not quite either of those either. I’m someone who is greatly affected by energy and astrology and I believe heavily in it, which leads me to believe the universe is always giving you things at moments when you need them the most. I know most of you are going to find this so silly and so weird, but I looked up the Metaphysical meaning behind Hot Air Balloons and here’s what I came upon…

” Hot air balloons are messages of ascension in spiritual form and what is needed at this point. Be open to the changes now happening to you, move forward as you are guided. Opportunities are now coming forward for you to climb aboard. Dreams will begin to flourish and you are ‘asked’ to consider the expansions that are being offered to you.

Do not fear the changes taking place, as these are for your highest good at this time. If you find that any frequency presents itself to you in a way that pulls at your energy rise above it. ”

This explains what I was feeling to the absolute T. If anything I’ve learned in the last couple weeks it’s never ignore signs from the universe. They are trying to tell you something. So listen. Everything that happens is happening to you to make you grow and so you can learn, things in life are either a lesson or a blessing. img_3952img_4179img_3974img_3975img_3985

Jumping Into 2018.

Jumping Into 2018.


JUMPSUIT: Free People BODYSUIT: Express HAT: Target SHOES: Topshop


Hello everyone, So I have come down with the flu!!!! Ahhhh it really sucks. I’ve been sick since last Monday but definitely was not resting and ended up with the flu this week!

Last week I did finally go out and get this jumpsuit, I’ve been wanting it for a while now and it’s so awesome!!! I feel like it can be worn sooo many different ways as well, with different shirts underneath it, more blousy shirts would be adorable!

I have so many exciting things coming up these next couple months and I can’t wait to get started on everything. I’m going to be working with some amazingly talented people who I can’t be thankful enough to get to work with and will be shooting my first music video!!!

I’m keeping this post short and sweet because I’m so behind with my blog posts, it’s just been crazy.

Inspired to Inspire

Inspired to Inspire

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JACKET: Blank NYC BODYSUIT: Urban Outfitters JEANS: Rag n Bone BOOTS: Nakd Fashion


Hello lovelies! Today I’m coming to you to talk about recent inspiration. I apologize for how I’ve been lacking on here. I really love blogging, I love talking about anything and everything that’s on my mind. I love talking about fashion and beauty, but It’s been so hard as just one person to do it all. Since, as you all know I don’t have a photographer who can always work with my schedule to take my photos. It’s been rough and as much as I’m trying to get good content out that I am proud of, it hasn’t been consistent. Honestly, and that’s just life. I’m really focusing so hard on my music right now and my career that it’s kind of taken over my life. I’m so okay with that though, because it’s something I never thought would have been possible and it kind of fell in my lap. That’s honestly what’s been inspiring me lately, is everything having to do with music. I’m learning so much about the industry and the whole entire process. I really can’t wait to share what I’ve been working on, hopefully so soon!!

This upcoming year in 2018 I want to travel more than anything. Moving away from home has done wonders for me. I’ve met some amazing people here and continue to meet amazing people. I’ve learned so much about myself and what I want in life and where I see my career going. So much has happened this year, good and bad that has really put me to the test and pushed me to step out of ALL comfort zones, which again has opened new doors for me and as 2017 is coming to an end it’s really left me here to think back to January and where I was at In my life then and now. I’m honestly a completely different person then who I was starting off the year. It really is a test of how much a person can change in a year and I can’t believe it.

I’ve thrown my all into the music I am making. I was created to create and let me tell you it’s addicting. I wish I could spend all my time in the studio and hopefully soon I will be able to! Music is life changing. I get easily inspired by everything around me, from every person I meet, from life lessons, heartbreak, the industry I’m in, so much more.

Some Artists that have been inspiring me lately have been:

Demi Lovato: She has always inspired me since she started singing, I love all her music but her last album “Tell Me You Love Me” Is absolutely FIRE!!! Every single song on it is incredible. Every album she’s made ironically has had a lot of significance I my life and when I listen to each one it takes me back and gives me a ton of nostalgia, it’s like she’s grown with me. Also If you don’t know her documentary “Simply Complicated” Is absolutely amazing and it tugs a heartstring every time I watch it.

Music from the show Nashville: I think I’ve definitely talked about this before, how at the beginning of the year I got obsessed with Nashville and this is the show that really made me think about pursuing my own music. The music from the show Is absolutely incredible!! I can’t say enough good things about it but I can’t wait for it to return in January. The songwriters they have writing for the show are people who I aspire to be.

Kesha: Let’s all agree that Kesha has has an amazing year of music and I’m so happy for her and all her success. Her album is amazing and so true to herself. “Praying” came at a time I needed it the most and it hits home for me. It told a story about her experience but can also be translated into different experiences and different heartbreak. A Song that makes you feel something every time you listen to it.


I’m going to talk about artists that Inspire me every week so I don’t overload you all with a bunch, but here are three from this week! Much more to come.


Contrasting Colors

Contrasting Colors

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SWEATER: Nordstrom BOOTS: Nordstrom Rack SKIRT: Free People BAG: Target

Hello lovelies. Happy Fall!!! I love this time of year, but honestly who doesn’t!! I’m really missing the fall weather back home for sure, it’s so weird it still being like 80 degrees in November! I’m trying to work In all my black wardrobe from working at MAC into my outfits now, since I’m not working for MAC Anymore (A whole other blog post) I’m living for these skirts by Free People, they have so many different ones and different colors! Paired with these amazing boots I found for a steal at The Rack, I love the pop of color they give. This Fall I’m trying to pair colors you wouldn’t normally wear together! I find it kind of fun and a new twist on a typical outfit. Here we have Burgundy paired with a darker green on my purse, nothing too crazy but it makes the color pop against the black outfit.


On a totally separate note, I’ve been writing so much music lately… I’m on a roll and I know I say this a lot but I can’t wait to share all these songs with the world. The process of making this album is like rebuilding myself and telling my story in a way I never thought was possible. It’s taken all my thoughts that I’ve never shared with the world and turning it into songs that are quite literally coming straight from my heart. I’m learning so much about music and it makes me so happy. There’s nothing better than learning while being so hands on and actually doing it. I’m right in the midst of all things music and it’s always what I’ve wanted my life to be like.

Stay tuned! Thanks so much for reading:)




Big Bold Belts

Big Bold Belts

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TOP: American Eagle PANTS: Anthropologie BELT: B-Low The Belt BRACELETS: Kendra Scott SHOES: Dolce Vita

Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far. I am BACK with more outfit photos than ever and I’m so excited. I’ve been loving all kinds of fun stuff lately, and these pants are one of them. I picked them up on a whim from Anthropologie and they are the best things ever and are so versatile, I’ve dressed them up and dressed them down, plus they are so comfortable! Paired with this colorful top from American Eagle just makes the whole outfit pop!!

I also scored this belt from Free People and it was on sale!!!! I think they sold out of it now though, but you can still find similar ones or purchase this one, But I’m in love with it I’ve literally been wearing it every day since I got it! haha

I am partnering up with Kendra Scott with this post and my next post, For the launch of their fall collection she sent me these beautiful bracelets as well as a necklace that will be in the next post and I’m IN LOVE! The collection is inspired by Italy. It features beautiful jewel tones, like emerald, rubies, golds and rose golds, as well as beautiful bold pieces inspired by Italian architecture. There are also lovely delicate pieces as well for those who wants something more dainty. I’m so excited to share this with you all because Kendra Scott is one of my FAVORITE All time jewelry companies!

I hope you enjoyed this outfit today and I’ll be back soon with another post!:)



Stripes and Florals

JACKET: Nordstrom ROMPER: Nordstrom SHOES: Nordstrom Rack (similar)
You guys. I’m obsessing over this leather jacket right now, You can literally never have enough leather jackets but this one is one that you NEED in your wardrobe. It also comes in a BEAUTIFUL white color… I might have to splurge and get that one too but after a while! haha 
You know when something just catches your eye while you’re shopping and you have to have it, that was this romper.. It’s so beautiful and you could wear it to soooo many different occasions. I think this would make a beautiful wedding guest outfit as well with some cute nude or black heels! 
I also found these Jeffrey Campbell heels at The Rack which I was like OMG have to have. They are so hard to lace up, but once they are on they are the perfect summer heel. I got the for $69.. I think they were originally like $150!!! 
I hope you all enjoyed my festival looks from last week, If you all want me to do more I would totally love to, it’s becoming a lot more my style too so I LOVE it! 
Thank you all so much for reading:) 

New York Vibes

SWEATER: American Eagle JEANS: American Eagle SHOES: Nordstrom Rack PURSE: Nordstrom JACKET: Old (similar)
Hello Everyone! This week has been very dull, dry and grey. I guess that’s January for ya! It’s definitely making me dream of palm trees and warm sand! Hopefully it’s nice weather where you are reading this from. I’m giving major city vibes in todays outfit, which is not what I should be wearing considering the snow on the ground. These jeans are literally so comfortable, they’re from American Eagle and they feel like leggings! I don’t really every wear light wash jeans, I think this is honestly my first pair, Love the rips in them and they go perfectly with this white sweater. This coat is old and it’s actually my moms but I’m going to try and find something similar! 
I’ve been running a lot slower than I should be lately though and I want to let you guys in on what’s been going on. I’ve had this constant breathing issue for about a year and a half now, mostly shortness of breath all the time and it’s been disabling me from doing a lot of things. Yes, I’ve been to the doctor for it quite a few times now and tons of bills later, still no answers. It’s honestly prevented me from going back to the doctor because they haven’t been listening. I figured out that the problem stemmed from this shot(Depo Provera) BC I was on for 6 years which I will talk about another day, but since coming off it can take quite a long time for it to completely leave your system leaving your body with all the problems it created while on it or even new things while coming off. I will make a separate post about the whole experience because I feel like a lot of women should know and it’s not talked about enough, it’s like taboo it being discussed. In doing my research I found lots of women having the same problems I was and am, that never got any help from doctors. 
So that’s really been my life lately besides working 16 hours a week, it’s hard to do much when you can’t breathe well or feel weak from not being able to breathe well. I have been singing a lot more though and picked up my guitar again which makes me so happy, I recently got inspired from watching the show “Nashville” Which I am HOOKED on, it is so good and I’m on season 3 now, so I’m catching up, No spoilers!!!! 
Sorry for the lengthy post but I would like to share more about my life with you all:) 
Thanks you for reading!!