You Are My Sunshine

You Are My Sunshine

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I want to dive into something real quick before I talk about the pictures above. I always want to take you guys who read my blog a little bit into my life that’s not on Instagram or other social media. I feel more personal on my blog and the ability to be a little bit more vulnerable. Doing music and really trying to pursue it, and writing songs everyday and singing my heart out… trying to learn as much as I can. Trying to learn everyday how to better myself as an artist and my craft. I LOVE learning about music and writing. It brings me so much joy. Throughout this whole process and still going obviously, I’ve learned a great deal about what I really want in life and what really matters. My perspective on a lot has changed since doing it and it has really opened my eyes to people and to people that care about you. With my blog I want to inspire you guys and motivate you to achieve your dreams and goals and be the BEST version of yourself. In this day and age it’s so easy to get caught up in what everyone thinks about you and other people’s opinions, it’s so easy to let that affect who you are and what you can achieve. Now, I’m not sitting here and telling you I know it all and all the ways to not let this affect you and/or ways around it, because I’m still trying to find ways to ignore it, but  the best way I can put it is nothing anyone says can lessen your personal worth or lessen your talents/what you’re doing.

I feel like I always end up rambling when I get an idea of what I want to talk about, but I hope you guys know that by now and are okay with listening to me ramble. We took these photos last week and they came out SUPER nostalgic, almost in a way where these are the types of photos you look back on in a decades time bringing you back to a feeling, bringing you back to that specific time and place. Oh you guys Nostalgia is one of my favorite feelings. It’s so insane to me how you could be sitting in a field one day with a good friend, while the sun is setting and just get an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. All these feelings bring you back to a time and place where you once felt something that made you so happy. A memory that you can’t replicate, It’s like taking you back in a time machine and the whole world stops. This feeling is a feeling we all should reflect on as it’s happening because it almost puts you in a meditative state. I feel like nostalgia happens to remind us in this crazy world that goes by so fast of what’s really important in life and what really should matter to us, because a the end of the day all these memories we are making every single day are all moments and one day we will look back on and wonder if we would have just lived in the moment, would we remember it longer, or would it be an infinite memory that we always remember not just in feelings of nostalgia. Next time you find yourself in a moment you want to remember for the rest of your life. Take a minute, breathe and take everything in that’s around you. I guess I take these moments so seriously right now because I’m in an in between phase in my life where I’m realizing a lot and not quite where I wanna be yet but also working my ass off to get there. So much is changing around me constantly that it is hard to take in those little moments that you want to remember forever that, I have to remind myself to do this all the time. Also so many little things are happening around me in the midst of all of this that I want to remember forever and I know for a fact are some of the best memories I have within the last two years.

“Isn’t it funny how day by day everything changes, but when you look back everything is different. “


The jacket I’m wearing also is a HUGE nostalgic piece. My mom painted this for me and the crazy thing is while my mom is extremely talented and artistic she also painted a tank top for me when I was like 8 of a moon and the faces on them are almost identical. Which is SO crazy to me. I think we might start designing more of these with different designs because she’s also designed one with a phoenix on the back, so stay tuned they might be for sale soon:)







Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon



I’m gonna start this post by saying the universe works in mysterious ways.

These past couple weeks of the beginning of the New Year have been very testing. I have gone through lots of moments of stress of not believing in myself and overthinking EVERYTHING. When you want something so bad you literally just feel it in your heart, almost like this burning flame that never goes out. When you decide to pursue something so crazy all this fear sets in and I’m not totally fearful but it’s definitely there. I think mostly it’s just fear mixed with excitement, but there’s also this fear mixed with not wanting to let people down and let myself down. You have to have a lot of faith in yourself and the most important person to believe in you is YOU. You have to block out all the negativity and all the people telling you otherwise and just do it for you.

Today I was wrapping up my singing lesson and driving home and as I was driving home I saw this Hot Air Balloon across the way and I got this weird feeling. It was a good feeling but weird, almost like Nostalgia or De Ja Vu, but not quite either of those either. I’m someone who is greatly affected by energy and astrology and I believe heavily in it, which leads me to believe the universe is always giving you things at moments when you need them the most. I know most of you are going to find this so silly and so weird, but I looked up the Metaphysical meaning behind Hot Air Balloons and here’s what I came upon…

” Hot air balloons are messages of ascension in spiritual form and what is needed at this point. Be open to the changes now happening to you, move forward as you are guided. Opportunities are now coming forward for you to climb aboard. Dreams will begin to flourish and you are ‘asked’ to consider the expansions that are being offered to you.

Do not fear the changes taking place, as these are for your highest good at this time. If you find that any frequency presents itself to you in a way that pulls at your energy rise above it. ”

This explains what I was feeling to the absolute T. If anything I’ve learned in the last couple weeks it’s never ignore signs from the universe. They are trying to tell you something. So listen. Everything that happens is happening to you to make you grow and so you can learn, things in life are either a lesson or a blessing. img_3952img_4179img_3974img_3975img_3985

Bright colors under the desert sun

Hello everyone, Happy Monday!!! I hope all is well for you all. 
Today I bring you the most beautiful colorful summer dress from American Eagle. This dress is so versatile, you could dress it up or down. It does come in two colors and it’s on sale right now!!! I paired it with this hat which kind of gives off a little more laid back vibe. You could wear Orange lipstick to tie the whole look together or pair a red or pink! I’m not wearing shoes in these photos but some really cute strappy brown sandals would go perfectly. This dress would also be the perfect summer wedding guest dress. Throw some cute nude heels on and you’re good to go and it’s not super expensive. 
That’s all for today, more life updates coming in tomorrow’s blog post!! 
*This post was sponsored and In collaboration with American Eagle Outfitters. 

Hippie Vibes

JACKET: American Eagle DRESS: American Eagle SHOES: Target HAT: American Eagle
Working with American Eagle Outfitters As part of their campaign #WeAllCan Something that makes me feel like I have all the power in the world is performing. It makes me feel invincible. Sharing something so close to your heart with the world and the people that watch is a feeling like no other, but That moment when you’re waiting backstage right before you go on, right at the height of all your nerves and your adrenaline is pumping, then you go out and see all the smiling faces waiting to watch a story come to life, all is right with the world in those moments. Do something that scares you, that you’ve never done before you never know what you could be missing out on
I can’t wait for the warmer weather you guys, all the snow is FINALLY Melting here in Washington!! YAY!!! WE got so much snow this winter it was crazy, probably the most snow since I’ve been alive! Haha any who loving being able to wear pieces like this and I can see already so many different ways to wear this dress this summer! When I go through and find all the links to clothes for you guys it never fails, I always end up shopping and finding new things and I’m like dang it that wasn’t my mission! hah American Eagle has some amazing pieces for spring and summer, their swim suits too right now are! But since it is more on the chilly side still I loved being able to pair this dress with this jean jacket! Let me know what other trends and outfits you all want to see, I’ll be happy to do them!:) 
*This Post is in collaboration and sponsored by American Eagle 

Fringe and Flares

TOP:American Eagle JEANS: American Eagle JACKET: Forever 21 SUNGLASSES: American Eagle CHOKER: American Eagle 
Hello everyone!!! I hope your week has treated you well and that you all have a great weekend! I’m feeling super 70’s vibes with this outfit today, and I’m loving it. I’ve been really inspired by the 70’s lately, but love making a more modern twist on it. Different things inspire me all the time for my outfits and makeup and it’s so much fun when I find something new that gives me inspiration. I think I said in a couple posts back that I watched all of the Seasons of Nashville, which were amazing and it really gave me a whole new perspective on country music, which I actually never really cared for until now. You guys need to watch this show, I kid you not it is SO Amazing and inspiring if you’re a musician!
These jeans are super amazing though, I haven’t worn bootcut jeans since my freshman year of high school, CRAZY RIGHT? But honestly these are so versatile, I love dressing a pair of jeans like these up and there’s so much you can do. I honestly can just feel the 70’s fashion making a return and I’m so hoping because we’re seeing tons of fringe, embroidery, flares, everything is becoming more loose and billowy, LOVE! I hope you all enjoyed this outfit, stay tuned for lots more… and more 70’s styles. You guys don’t understand how inspired I am. GET READY!!!! 
*This post is in collaboration and sponsored by American Eagle Outfitters 

We All Can

I am so excited to be partnering with American Eagle for their Spring Campaign. Clothes can be so fun, I want you all to try and be daring this year in your style, step out of your comfort zone and wear something that you wouldn’t normally wear. When I started doing this It opened so many more doors for me in fashion and it also made me feel so confident in what I was wearing because I didn’t really care if anyone else liked it, as long as I felt good in it, I’m happy. That’s the cool thing about clothes is that there are SO many different styles and trends out there to try, there are endless possibilities. My favorite thing to do when I’m creating different outfits is literally blast my music in my room and make it my own little runway. Music definitely inspires my style, I’ll be listening to one genre and my outfit will kind of almost resemble that genre and then flip it to something totally different and BAM totally different style. It’s seriously so fun you guys! Being a part of American Eagle’s #WEALLCAN Campaign means so many different things to me. It’s a very inspiring campaign, If there’s anything I do for you all, I want it to be inspire you to never give up on anything. If you want something, You can achieve it. Never think that you’re not good enough, You are all good enough for everything. Especially in the world we live in today, I believe we can do it, WE ALL CAN. 

“This post is in collaboration and sponsored by American Eagle” 

Snow Day

JACKET: American Eagle DRESS: American Eagle SHOES: Express (Similar)
Hello everyone, Sorry as I’ve been away for a bit, I’ve had multiple technical difficulties and it’s really difficult and freezing to take photos outside right now, as it’s like 14 degrees. The other day I took a ton of photos of outfits and went to upload to my computer and my memory card literally broke in half, I guess there is a way to get the photos and everything off of there but I went to best buy to do so and they said it was going to cost a pretty penny.. i.e…. $700… I about fell over. There is so much on the memory card but, yikes… If any of you have any ideas on how to retrieve everything off without costing me my life, lol that would be wonderful! 
Anyways onto this outfit, I love layering in the winter. There is so much you can do with it and it really adds to an outfit when it’s freezing outside. 
This dress comes in a variety of different colors and is the most comfy and cute dress for winter! The fabric is made out of American Eagle’s ‘soft and sexy’ fabric which really is so nice!! I’ve been putting my snow boots in my car just in case, because we have so far a ton of snow as you can see:)
It’s hard to wear any kind of nice shoe in this weather even though it might go great with your outfit, walking out in this is so dangerous and snow boots are a must here I am not in snow boots but I just threw these on cause I thought they went great with this outfit. 
AHHH AND It’s almost Christmas!!! I actually have all of my Christmas shopping done though, which never happens. I can’t wait to put up some really great Christmas outfits for you all, I have some amazing pieces to show you for great prices! 
*This post was sponsored and in collaboration with American Eagle