Rose Colored Glasses

Rose Colored Glasses

I don’t quite know where to begin.

The last couple times I have updated my blog over the last year have been kind of all over the place. I apologize. It’s so easy this day and age how we can all look like we have our lives together on the internet all the time. Believe me when I tell you at the age of 22 now I would like to think I know what I am doing and I always try and stay very positive. Even when I’m really sad/mad/upset I always stay positive, I’ve always been that way. It’s really hard for me to walk around like I have a cloud over my head and always just deal with it on my own or dance, sing and play guitar to release stress and emotions.

This last year has been the hardest year of my life this far. I have learned so much about myself and the kind of people I want to surround myself with. Let me tell you I was surrounding myself with the wrong people. Moving to a completely new state and finding your people is SO HARD. I’ve said this before that I am very trusting and a little bit naive, but that’s genuinely only because I believe everyone is fighting their own battles and are doing the best they can, therefor they are only giving you the best they can. Surround yourself with people who better you as a person and who inspire you to be your best self. When you’re around people that are toxic for you after a while it starts to drain you, it starts to drain your energy and you start to see it in little aspects of your life, like keeping your car clean. Something so simple but take it as a sign that when you finally clean all of that out of your life you feel a big sense of relief and you feel like yourself again. I was around people that were trying to tell me who I should be, what I should wear, what I should sound like…. what I should write my songs about. Don’t get me wrong… constructive criticism is ALL welcome believe me. I’m always asking for feedback and what I can work on, but when people are blatantly telling you stuff to mess with your head and mess with your self esteem because they are just unsure of themselves and need to make them feel better. I was really thinking it was me the whole time too and it was really getting to me and messing with my head. Taking a step back and being around genuine people who were also telling me what I needed to hear was like a HUGE blessing. The amount of motivation that I’ve gained back after releasing all of that from my life is exactly what I was missing. As sucky as it is, we need to go through these things in life to make us realize what we want and what we need.

In this journey through music and putting my heart out into the world… I always no matter what happens I want to remain humble. As cliche as it sounds and I know everyone says it but I’ve seen the ugly side of what happens to people when they reach a little fame in their career and I never want to bring that into my life. That taught me an even bigger lesson than anything, honestly. Everyone that’s worked their ass off deserves that success and I’m so happy for them when they reach it, but when you do and then cut off everyone who’s been there for you and start treating people like you’re the best of the best it’s disheartening. It’s sad. When you’ve been there through thick and thin with people and they just cut you off like no problem but then give you lectures like they also know everything under the sun. It’s so sad. You have to come out of these situations strong though, because before all of this I never had a backbone and I was definitely a pushover. I am thankful now for these experiences because they really shaped the person and artist I am going to be. We are all forever growing and forever learning.

Don’t surround yourself with fake people. Point blank.

Moving onward and upward. To end the year I went out to Nashville and let me tell you guys. This changed my life.. This literally changed my life. I have never felt more at home in my life. I went out there by myself only really knowing one person and it was the best decision I think I’ve made all year honestly. When I got to the city it was such a positive environment that it just took every ounce of creativity out of my bones and threw it into music. I felt like a completely different person in such a good way. The people out there were the nicest people I’ve met all year and I met so many amazing people. The music community was so welcoming and in a place where there is so much competition it was like there was none, I say this because everyone wants to help everybody. It is almost like it was a family out there… with thousands of musicians. I soaked in every second of it and learned so much from every experience.

Hands down the best thing that happened to me this year was out in Nashville I had the opportunity to meet a lady named Jude Johnstone. Jude was the first woman in the industry that I had the pleasure of working with. I sat down with her for a couple hours and she told me countless amazing stories from her experiences in the industry and what to look out for and how she got treated to who she worked with and wrote for… and then to her own music and her creative vision. She then asked me to play a little something I was in the process of writing so I did, then we ended up finishing the song and it couldn’t have been more fulfilling. Jude has worked and written for Stevie Nicks, Johnny Cash, Trisha Yearwood, Bonnie Riatt and many more. I couldn’t believe this. I was quite literally on cloud 9. I can’t even put into words what this taught me and what I learned from it. She was probably the realest person I have ever met.  I can’t wait for you guys to hear this song either. It means SO much to me. The story of this song is about what I’ve talked about in this post and I hope any of you can relate to it.

I left Nashville feeling like a new person. I felt liberated. I felt like I had a sense of myself again. I felt like me. This is the most ME I’ve felt in a long time. This happened at literally the perfect time and when it was much needed. I’ve said this time and time again but everything happens for a reason and this happened just before I embarked on an even bigger journey than I think I even realize. This all happened before I am starting to create what I hope and know is going to be the best album of my life this far. I’ll be keeping you guys updated on the process here. Stay tuned and thank you for staying tuned as many times as I’ve said it.


Below are some pictures that were taken in Nashville. It was a dream. A DREAM.




Sixty Hotel Beverly Hills



KIMONO: Free People SWIMSUIT: Urban Outfitters


Welcome back! It’s been a while. Life has been the most crazy as always. Over the past couple months I have been traveling as well as I was in a musical and shortly after that ended I went out to LA for the first time for a little over a week! I went out there with my producer to work on some music, write and network. I met some amazing people out there, let me tell you. LA was so different then I thought it would be, and honestly different in a way I really enjoyed. While this city is so fast paced, it’s also so real and genuine. You would never really think that coming from LA, right?? Yeah I couldn’t believe it either. One of the weekends we were there we stayed a the 60 Hotel in Beverly Hills for my producers best friends anniversary(Also two of the most amazing people).

As you an tell from these photos, the view from this hotel was incredible. Literally incredible. We stayed here for two nights on the weekend, and it was so relaxing. Especially sitting on the rooftop taking the breathtaking view. I remember I spent one of the nights just sitting up there without looking at my phone and just taking everything in, I actually wrote a couple songs up there as well. Sometimes you really need to distance yourself from everything distracting you and overwhelming you and this was such a nice breath taker. This hotel is perfectly located right next to one of the greatest shopping areas in LA, Rodeo Drive. I was going crazy, everything was SO beautiful. This hotel for the holidays would be a beautiful place to stay and perfect for holiday shopping.

We all had such a great time at the pool and the bar upstairs. All the bartenders up there and the people were amazing and so sweet to us. It was a trip to remember for sure. I’ve been wanting to travel more and explore this beautiful world, learn from experiences and not be stuck in a bubble. Sometimes I feel that we get so comfortable right where we are… at a certain place in time that we forget there’s a whole world out there waiting for us to explore.

This next year I have plans as I’m working on my album and music. I’m going to make it a point to travel wherever I want to. I wanna be able to write music in different countries and take inspiration from everything around me including, people, places, things going on in our world, experiences I have in different cities and learning about cultures and of course Love. All forms of love. Surround yourself with love. With people you love. With things you love. Just surround yourself with love and positivity. I can’t wait to continue to take you on this journey with me. Believe me I have so much to share with you about everything I’m experience in the music industry, it’s just not the right time. But soon it will be.


To Be Continued…





Red As Roses

Red As Roses


ROMPER: Shop Tobi SHOES: Nordstrom


Hello Lovelies. Today we are keeping the red trend going, if you’ve been following a long on Instagram you will know I’ve been seeing how long I can incorporate red into my wardrobe. I actually love wearing all different shades of red, and finding new colors to wear and mix and match. This awesome romper is from Shop Tobi, they have so much cute stuff right now and are having an amazing sale!!! You do not want to miss out. This romper is so comfy and so easy to just throw on and dress up or down! Plus it comes in three different colors!


Have you ever felt stuck? Like you just weren’t progressing in your career, life, relationships whatever the case may be. Just Stuck in general? I find myself getting stuck a lot within my career and most people aren’t as open as I am about things and topics like this. I have chosen a very difficult career path, one that requires non stop hard work, long nights, working with all different types of people, learning and growing and failing and succeeding. I also find myself getting stuck with waiting on other people, and being surrounded by people who are holding me down and keeping me from succeeding. As someone who never ventures out to stand up for myself in these situations because I’m too nice, I’m learning that the only person that can do anything about it is myself. You can always count on yourself, Never rely on anyone else, because you will only have your hopes up to be let down. You know what you want. You are more capable than you think and you know how to get where you want to be. This post was suppose to be more about breaking your comfort zones but I just was feeling very stuck as of recently. As quickly as I want my career to move and do things it just doesn’t happen that way and I have to be okay with that and be patient. All good things take time and making music takes time. Making good music takes time and all my heart and soul are going into everything I’m singing. I have some really amazing opportunities coming up that I can’t wait to share with you all. I’m so excited but I can’t say anything just yet, I promise you will all know when I can share! So…. Stay tuned for that announcement… Soon.



Be You.

It’s been a minute since I last posted. I do apologize. Life just has kind of gotten crazy and I wanted to live life fully and really try and be in the moment. Over the last month I’ve met some amazing people and I’ve made awesome friends and also distanced myself from certain people. At the age of 22 I’m really learning all about the people I want to surround myself with and the type of people I want to get to know and learn from. You’re going learn who your friends are and who they aren’t. Social media can really be a lot… for a lot of different reasons. It can be SO amazing and It can be really destructive. I’ve been involved in this “Quality Influencer Competition” for Phoenix Fashion Week for the last month. I competed against 12 other influencers for the title and we had several challenges to do as well as be involved in certain events and meet all the criteria we needed to be in the running. Let me tell you it taught me a lot about myself and the message I want to give to my followers that care and follow my life and journey. This competition was based on Instagram and I felt like for weeks I was being involved in something I didn’t really belong in and had always thought that I have. I always wanna be true to myself in situations like this and I felt it was almost pulling me in a direction trying to mold me into everyone else and I’m not at all. I’m an artist, a creative, a musician, I love fashion, I love beauty and I love using all these outlets to express myself. Not to put on a facade and act like someone I’m not or try and be like every other blogger. Now I’m not saying this opportunity wasn’t amazing because It was, I learned so much and again met so many amazing people and made connections I wouldn’t have made before. This was the first time they’ve done something like this and there’s definitely room for improvement. Over all It taught me to be myself. Honestly, People will love you for you and if they don’t they aren’t the right people. The Pressure to be perfect in all of the industries I’m involved in is SO FAR from worth it let me tell you. No one is perfect… I am far from perfect. Let me tell you, you probably wouldn’t believe me because A lot of people tell me they thought I would be intimidating when they meet me, but I’m genuinely the most clumsy, awkward person. BUT THAT’S WHAT MAKES ME ME! OH and I tell really bad jokes… haha Don’t ever try and change things about yourself to fit in with other people. Standing out from the crowd makes you unique. We might be similar people, we might have things in common, we might even be totally twins, but we were all put on this earth for a reason and we are all shaped into the people we were meant to be for a reason. I wanna spread positivity, I wanna spread motivation, I wanna be that voice that tells someone YOU CAN DO IT, when all they wanna do is quit. There have been many times I’ve sat thinking What about me will make it in this industry, what sets me apart?? Will people enjoy my music?? or will they hate it??

I’ve been there, a million times and still go there. That’s what keeps us going, the determination to stand out from the crowd, the motivation to make your dreams come true and live a life you’ll always be proud of and live your life to the fullest. Find your passions and let them drive your soul. Don’t give up because you don’t think you’re enough. You’re enough just the way you are. Let peoples criticism be your motivation, prove them wrong. Get out there and LIVE. Don’t worry about what everyone else thinks.





Styled By DVF


TOP: Victorias Secret (Similar) PANTS: Diane Von Furstenburg SHOES: Target HAT: Brixton


It’s been a while again… Life has been crazy. I actually have a lot of content to post on here that I just haven’t had the chance to and I also just haven’t known what to write. Life has kind of just gotten in the way and I’ve took on more than I can handle in a way but all is well and good and I’m definitely learning how to massively multi task so that I am able to do everything. (Will explain in another post)

Today I’m bringing you these wonderful pants!!!! These are probably my favorite piece of clothing that I own. I got these while working at DVF. She comes out with some extravagant amazing pieces and I just love getting to see what’s next. There’s so many ways to wear these and so many different occasions to wear them to. I gave a more 70’s vibe to them today and added a fedora style hat with some retro glasses. I LOVE that the 70’s are coming back in full swing!!! You guys are going to be seeing some awesome looks featuring some old vintage pieces out of my moms closet and I can’t wait to show you.

Definitely will be seeing these pants styled more than once! I can’t help it!

I’ve never felt more like me wearing a piece of clothing. These pants literally just scream “HANNA” and I love finding pieces like that. I love when you’re wearing something that you literally feel unstoppable in.. especially ones that make peoples heads turn. I’ve never gotten so many compliment on something before, it’s kind of crazy!! I think life is too short to wear boring clothes, I literally cannot dress casual anymore, I’m always wearing something crazy and I love it. Discover who you are through style and what makes you feel like you can conquer anything. I love so many different styles and that’s what makes it so fun. You don’t always need to stick to the same basics or the same style of clothing, break out and do something fun with it, you never know who you will inspire. Rock it and never stop being you.



Life is…

Life is…

Hello Lovelies. It’s been a while and let me tell you life has been crazy. If you ever wonder what I’m up to definitely check my Instagram or snapchat.

I wanted to write this blog post to give you all a little life update because so much has happened since January let alone since my last post about Mexico.

Let me start this off by saying, the music industry is not for the faint hearted. At the age of 21 I did not think I would be pursuing a passion I’ve had since the age of 6. I always thought I had to have everything accomplished by a certain age and was always told what to do… or what people think I should do with my life. No one has everything figured out by any age. Especially 21. I’m learning so much about music, about people, about people who I associate myself with and about myself. I’ve already had some really stupid experiences with people trying to take advantage of me.. A Women in the industry who’s doing everything on her own. That’s me. I threw myself into this industry by myself not knowing a single thing about it other than I can sing/play guitar and write songs. Coming out on the other side as of recently, I’ve learned a heck of a lot about Music business/laws/copyright and people’s intentions. I have a huge heart and I’m way too trusting of a person and people like to take advantage of that and tell me what to do/what to sing… etc..I’ve learned if I want anything done in this business, to get it done on my own. The last couple months I’ve been beaten down, been too nice to people I shouldn’t and have been doing pointless shit for people who want to use me. I never thought I would be in the situation until I realized what was happening. It’s taught me a lot. Only until recently have I realized my worth as a person and an artist. You have to honestly count on yourself and believe fully and completely in yourself and what drives your soul and your passion. You believe in yourself more than anyone else can. You know what you want, the road may not be easy but have full faith that you’re on the path you are suppose to be on.

“Doubt kills dreams more than failure ever will”

I kind of just want to leave it there and leave you all to take that for what it is. More than anything I can’t wait to share my music FINALLY with the world. It’s going to be nothing you’ve heard and completely from scratch… and we will leave it at that. I feel like I can finally conquer the world today and Finally feel like I have the power over my life and no one can tell me what to do unless it’s to help me, better me as an artist or constructive criticism.

Again, I can’t wait to finally share my music with the world. Coming Soon.

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A Sweet Little Paradise in Puerto Peñasco

A Sweet Little Paradise in Puerto Peñasco


To start off this post I would like to say a HUGE thank you to “OH Advertising” For inviting us on this wonderful trip. This was my first Travel Collab and I loved everyminute of it. I forgot how much I love traveling and it gave me a severe case of wanderlust.

We travelled to Rocky Point, Puerto Penasco in Mexico. I’ve never been to Mexico before and this little hidden beach was beautiful. It’s about a 3 short hour drive from Arizona, so it was the perfect little getaway. We were there for 3 days and it was jam packed full of activities. Getting to see the culture in Mexico was probably one of my favorite parts. You always see and hear on the news about of course Mexican cities and the poverty surrounding the area, but actually seeing it was eye opening and it really helps make you aware of the fact that it’s not all bad either. I want to explore many more areas now and really get submerged in the culture.

We drove in last Friday and had a wonderfully yummy lunch at the “La Casa Del Capitan Restaurant” This restaurant was beautiful. It overlooked the ocean and almost reminded me somewhat of a restaurant you would see in Greece. The decor was beautiful and the colors of course were also beautiful. The food of course the best part… I LOVE Mexican food and the guacamole and Ceviche was my favorite part, It was incredible.

There are many different resorts in the area of Rocky Point and we all got to stay at different ones so we could all get different experiences and our resort was BEAUTIFUL. We stayed the “Sonoran Sea Resort” to which our room overlooked the ocean, beach and the pool. This was an absolute paradise and I would have loved to stay even longer. Our room was beautiful too, all the decor made it really feel like Mexico it was perfect. The balcony was the perfect spot to sit out and have coffee and breakfast and look over the beautiful view. I can’t say enough good things about this resort. It also had a cute little coffee shop and restaurant that served BOMB food!

Boy I haven’t ridden on ATV/Four Wheelers in what feels like forever. I grew up on a farm in the country as most of you know and we use to drive four wheelers ALL the time. This time we got to ride ATVs in the sand dunes which was literally a blast. It was hilarious and SO much fun. We were driving them right around sunset too it was beautiful. Would have never known this was something they do all the time here and it was rad.

That night we had an amazing dinner at “Hotel Penasco Del Sol”. We also got an awesome tour of the hotel before dinner and these hotels are quite the paradise. Our dinner was a three course dinner that started out with an “Asparagus Soup” that was really good, something I wouldn’t typically try but it was bomb. Then moved into Garlic Potatoes and Steak that was even better… I don’t normally eat steak but this was so good. For Desert we had a Chocolate Chili Lava Cake!! Can you imagine that, it was to die for. You don’t taste the chili’s until after the fact it was crazy.

On Saturday we got up way too early to go on a Hot Air Balloon ride but unfortunately couldn’t ride them because it was too windy. I would definitely love to back and experience this despite my fears of heights.. I was totally ready to conquer the air balloon. We ended up going to this huge golf course, that if you’re a golfer would have loved, it was beautiful and it also overlooked the ocean. For lunch we went to this super luxury hotel that they are still in the process of expanding. The restaurant was called “Mayan Palace” here we had numerous different pizza’s and salad. A couple of the Pizza’s were spicy but it was sooooo good. In the evening we had dinner at the “El Tapeo Wine Bar” We had so many different dishes here.. probably my favorite place it was so good. It was such a cute little place too and especially in the summer time they had an outdoor section that would be so fun to just go dancing in.

All in all this trip was such a great little escape. My mission this year is definitely to travel more. I feel so inspired coming back home and for the first time in a while I felt like I was living in the moment. Most days we are always thinking about the future and planning this or planning that. When the time passes so fast by doing that then you’re sat wondering where the time has gone and what were you even planning for anyways because life happens and you can’t really plan for experiences. You have to out there, live in the moment and experience it first hand. Life becomes so much less stressful when you aren’t worrying about it and just living it. I hope this inspires all of you to travel and live life and not worry about anything. GO OUT THERE AND LIVE YOUR DREAMS.